Photographer Dwayne Tucker of

A photograph of Photographer Dwayne Tucker on set in Miami, Florida.

Dwayne Tucker is a Professional Photographer operating out of Miami, Florida. With 15+ years behind the camera, Tucker’s main focus is to provide the absolute best photographs for his clients. He provides Creative Advertising Direction for Lifestyle Campaigns, he photographs LookBooks and  Product Shots for E-Commerce, and photographs Portraiture photography.

His love for photographing Candids / Street Photography and Portraits of Women, are what keep him a passionate Photographer. Tucker is dedicated to creating timeless images for his commercial work, as well as for his personal ‘TuckerTookThat’ brand. His work for ‘TuckerTookThat’ is offered as collectibles, printed on apparel, ready-to-hang framed prints, and photo-books.

Tucker is determined to become a Legendary Photographer. His understanding of how to make powerful images has contributed to photographing for a number of creditable individuals and companies. 

Not only is Tucker a Professional Photographer, he is also an avid golfer currently playing at a 7 handicap. As both a photographer and a golfer, he sees similarities observed in both practices – if you want to remain good, you must continue to practice. Within both, he is appreciative of good light,  respects design elements & principles, pays attention to the environment, and most important – makes great shots.

Dwayne is currently working as a freelance photographer, and is looking for the right photography agency to represent his work. In the meantime, he photographs quarterly for a number of commercial clients producing images for their lifestyle campaigns, and e-commerce. In addition to commercial work, throughout the seasons, he provides one on one beginner photography lessons, and photographs his sought after sensual portraiture photographs of women.

Tucker is currently expanding his photography portfolio within the Golf Industry. His focus is to photograph for golf apparel companies to create Lifestyle Campaigns, LookBooks, Product Shots for E-Commerce, and Portraits of Golfers. 

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