I’ve always loved being a photographer. But somewhere between turning professional and needing to make a living from it, the joy of photography started feeling exhausting.

From my perspective, I find myself constantly chasing deals instead of having clients come to me. It’s ironic how clients often praise my work after I’ve delivered, when all along I’ve been quietly confident in its quality.

Navigating this side of the photography world can be draining. However, I’m slowly figuring out how to streamline my workflow with my team, allowing me to focus more on shooting and less on the hustle.

Interestingly, I’ve realized I don’t always enjoy lugging around my bulky camera just for leisurely shots anymore. My initial love for photography began with disposable cameras and pocket point-and-shoots—capturing moments effortlessly with friends was what made it so enjoyable.

Exploring New Tools: The PhLow App

During a trip to Aspen in February, I stumbled upon some stunning photos edited with the PhLow app. Recognizing its potential, I reached out to them. I’m genuinely enthusiastic about this app—I wish they’d sponsor me considering how often I recommend it!

PhLow combines the power of Photoshop with the nostalgic charm of a built-in film camera, offering creative editing tools that fit right in your pocket. If I had the means, I’d buy them out in a heartbeat. It’s that good.

Capturing Lulu’s Essence

I’ve always wanted to photograph Lulu. She’s an incredible golfer who attended the University of Miami. Recognizing her potential appeal to the golf audience, I knew capturing her essence would be captivating—she’s both beautiful and a pro at her sport.

Approaching someone like Lulu in Miami, especially for a guy like me in his mid-thirties, can be daunting. I’ve been in the photography game long before the social media hype, back when connections were made face-to-face rather than through Instagram.

Months ago, at a golf event, I finally had the chance to introduce myself in person. What struck me most was Lulu’s down-to-earth nature. In Miami, many beautiful women can come off as aloof due to the city’s culture, but Lulu was refreshingly genuine.

Seizing the Moment with PhLow

We connected on social media, although I soon learned she doesn’t check her Instagram messages often. Nevertheless, that initial meeting laid the groundwork.

Recently, during an unplanned visit to the golf range, I decided to bring along my disposable camera, just in case. As luck would have it, I ended up needing it, but didn’t have it. Fortunately, I had the PhLow app on my phone, a tool I’ll explain shortly.

While winding down after my round, I noticed Lulu wearing her signature bucket hat during a lesson. Intrigued, I approached her and we caught up briefly. Later, she introduced me to two top Brazilian tennis players also practicing at the range, creating an impromptu photo opportunity.

Using the PhLow app on my trusty iPhone 14 Pro Max, I was amazed by its ability to turn casual shots into professional-quality images. As phone cameras advance alongside mirrorless technology, apps like PhLow represent the future of creative photography.

Despite my reluctance to upgrade my phone just for the camera, my current setup works well with PhLow, offering versatile cropping options perfect for both Instagram stories and feeds.

Showcasing the Results

Among the many shots I took that day, I’ve selected my favorites to share, starting with the introductory image.

While I’m not yet sponsored to endorse PhLow, I highly recommend downloading it to explore its creative potential.

Until next time,

Signing out,

Dwayne Tucker from DwayneTucker.com