Samsonite hard case golf travel bag is the way to go when you want to take your clubs with you. Samsonite would have lost a sale if I had to rely solely on the photographs displayed on their Amazon store. If I wasn’t familiar with the bag, and if my only judgement was based upon the poor photographs I would have not spend the $200 + on that bag. 

Luckily for them (and for me) I am familiar with the bag so I made the purchase. The bag is truly a great golf travel bag.

I am here to share information about the bag, along with better photographs that we made of the Samsonite Golf Travel Case. We made the photographs to display the bag as it should be shown. Now you can learn about the details, durability, and see the quality of this golf bag to help you decide your golf travel bag purchase.

Travels With The Bag

I became familiar with the bag when I needed one to travel to my first Torrey Pines’ Golf Course trip. A friend at the time recommended using his Samsonite before I purchased any other travel bag; he swore by it. The bag worked out perfectly! I was able to fit a Titleist stand bag along with an Asher Golf Sunday Cary Bag into the Samsonite.

Recently I made a trip to Dallas Texas to play a few golf courses. I was there to participate in the 2020 I Am A Golfer Foundation Charity Tournament. I needed a travel bag of my own. Without doubt, the Samsonite Golf Travel Cover – Style 6850 was the one for me. I was appalled at the product photographs shown on their amazon page however. The least one should do is have strong product shots when selling products online. (Somebody tell Samsonite to contact me for better product shots please!)

Listed below you will find the pros provided by Samsoite about their bag. At the bottom of this article you’ll the photographs we made. A link is also there you or somebody you know want to purchase the bag. If you use that link we’ll make two dollars for showing you good photographs 🙂

But First, Here is The Only Con

When I read reviews on Amazon, I go directly to the 1start section. It’s better for me to see what people don’t like about a product first. Then I compare the 5start section before making my decision.

I can’t say that I relate to the poor stars section of the website. The only con about this bag is the size. Truth be told however, all golf travel bags / covers will be big in size. That is a con if you Uber around like we do. On the Torrey Pines trip I took two golf sets because there were two of us. I’m attached to my sticks and don’t like to rent clubs if I don’t have to. Because of the bag, we had to order Uber XL to and from the airport. The Uber XL fits the other luggage and the golf bag with room to sit comfortably.

On the trip to the studio to photograph the images I ordered a normal Uber. I did so to test if putting down the seat and sliding the bag into the trunk would work; it did. Not all drivers are going to be okay with putting the seat down so keep that in mind. Time for everybody is precious, especially when traveling. On the way to and from the airports I used Uber XL to save a potential hassle. 

Here are the pros shared about Samsonite’s Style 6850:

– Super Strong and light Sold ABS shell provides durability, and good looks.

– Four multi-directional “spinner” wheels allow *the bag to glide effortlessly. 

– Internal compression straps to hold *the golf bag securely. 

– Padded, quilted interior with extra foam cushion for better production of club heads.

– “Spinner” wheels make it easy to push or pull. 

– “Two comfort grip handles for easy lifting.” 

– Locking capability for additional security. (TSA will cut your lock open regardless so keep that in mind.)

– Beautiful full-length interior lining.  

Photographs We Made Of The Samsonite Golf Travel Cover

hard cover golf bag
spinner wheels on samsonite golf bag
Beautiful full-length interior lining.
Samsonite Golf Travel Bag

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