Our past trip to NYC, we crossed over to New Jersey and there I made this photograph of the George Washing Bridge (GWB). At the ground level looking up, you realize the GWB’s true magnitude. When photographing an image like this one you must always be thinking about what the best possible composition could be; for your taste. (I was shooting my favorite 24mm 1.4 lens with a CPL filter and the Nikon D800.)

Until Next Time, 
Photographer Dwayne Tucker

I love when the sun is setting; that late afternoon light of a New York summer stroll is magical to me. It excites me to have my camera shutter ready. Simply amazed by the amount of Halal Food Trucks I walked by. In motion, blending in like fast walking New Yorkers. I’m fast walker. Not too fast for a quick stop to compose / frame  and capture this photo. I love creating photographs like this because it keeps the eye tuned for identifying what could be a great photo. This isn’t the greatest photo but it’s a memory that will last forever and that’s great enough.