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Hello, my name is Dwayne Tucker and I am a professional photographer. Originally from the Bahamas but currently residing in Miami, Florida, this is my blog. It is where I will post photos, behind-the-scenes videos of post-production (editing of my photographs) and tips for making photographs the best that they truly can be. Never miss a step by following along with my journey! 

I started with DwayneTucker.com to establish my digital citizenship as a renowned photographer. I am grateful for my learned skills in being gifted in art of photography. I am appreciative of the clients that I photograph and beyond thankful for the people who have purchased my TuckerTookThat art in various forms whether it be from my limited edition prints or T-shirts. Above all, I am truly grateful to have you here on my blog. 

For an in-depth bio, please visit the about Dwayne Tucker page. 

How to take a self-portrait was discussed in the article about the Random Golf Club Rope Hat Portrait Post. If you are a photographer on my website looking for photography tips follow that link to learn how to make your own self-portraits.

I made this portrait to showcase my most recent photo-story tee release. Purchase of the FW2019 “Backseat Love – A Photo Story by Photographer Dwayne Tucker” Tee is now available for a limited time in the Photo-Shirts Shop.

If you like it, or you simply like my work as a photographer and wish to snag a collectible, please do so quickly while they are available.

Thank you!



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