Good Girls (Lyrics)

[Verse 1:]

Everyone wants a good girl,

but where the f*ck they all at huh?

Question, should I be satisfied with a hood girl,

just cause,

I know how they gone act?


I’ve seen the play before,

I played the play before,

but I don’t play with hoes,

but who the f*ck knows,

I had good girls,

I had bad girls,

but still good girl,

who acted like bad hoes,


I can’t but my heart in,

in the jardin,

when b*tches weren’t round for the sardines.

for the sad days,

like sadder days,

before the stage pays,

like a stripper,

I told her,

I think a head,



I think well when I’m getting head,



she hit her knees,

and while she do this,

I throw my head back and tell you how I met her.


her man left her,

unh, yo,

in a sad way,

it was a Saturday,

but her sadder day,

and I Said,


so I’m sorry for that n*gga?

nah really though,

his lost,


his win,

and my win,

and she won,



it’s a win,win,win

and he will learn,

like I did,

when I did,

what I did,

to the chick,

that I did,

what I won’t,

cause what I want,



what I did,

is that I told her that I loved her


I didn’t at the time,

understand how to love.

I did my time,

when I prisoned my heart,

and then escaped that sh*t,

never had time to give it another b*tch,

my heart that is but this time,

I met a lady.

I told, her about my past,

so she understands,

that I understood,

I told her that I would,

and I did, forever keep the frown off her face.

now she cleans up good with a smile on her face,

now were both happy.

[Verse 2:] 

It’s so amazing,

how sh*t works out,


even on my bad days,

I never have doubt,

that it won’t work out,

my hands on the doorframe,

and she’s looking in the mirror


I told her that while,

she cleans up her mouth,

you all know with this about,

I got hard again,

but time,

I’m bout to put my heart,

her jardin,

You all get it yet,


I put my d*ck in her garden,

I guess it was hard to understand cause that sh*ts so clean,

she puts her lips Dwayne,

looked me in my eyes and rode me until my eyes went back to my brain,

this time I’m so sure she’s not after the future green,

the future Dwayne-s, she spat em out,

you all get it,

she jumped off,

I looked again and I’m getting brain,

she smiled and said she like to taste herself.


she’d like to taste some wealth,


I came in her mouth and she drooled out my jewels,

with my back to the back of the frame of my bed,

I looked her in her eyes,

and I said,

I love you.

I said I love you,

she said I love you,

we went to sleep.

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