It is okay to have a little fun and be a little crazy. Capture moments created.

Photography by Dwayne Tucker

Positive vibes! There is no better way to open this article than, “Positive vibes!”. It is a fantastic feeling to be back on the blog sharing photographs.

The image shown was made for a client from the,Because You Are Beautiful” – Portraiture Session.

Years of photographing and editing trains the eye to pay attention to individual pores of skins, and every pixel of an image.

Paying close attention to detail has always been top priority for a Photographer. There is simply no other way to make masterpieces.

I am paying even more attention to details now that I am offering framed prints from photo sessions.

The image shown is Andre 3000 times so fresh and so clean, clean thanks to our new treatment editor Sandro.

Sandro, thank you for being more awesome than you know you are. Welcome to the team.

Sandro is on board to help with editing. We strive to make the best “TuckerTookThat” images produced for the prints you order from us.

Take a look at all that detail.

I hope you like the first image shared back on the blog from a very long time. On Mondays we are scheduled to post Portraits from the, “Because You Are Beautiful” – Photo-Sessions see you then. – DT.

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