December 16, 2014

Observing With The Ear

D. TUCKER soundcloud Observing With The Ear Observing  With The Ear

(Photo from my SoundCloud seems appropriate.)


If you’re visiting this right when I post this because you saw it from my Twitter, or my Instagram you rock!

It’s late, I’m tired, buy earlier I promised via my Twitter, despite my heavy load of shit to take-care of today, I’ll sit down, and write to my friends here on the blog. I mean it’s 10 mins before 12 but it still counts.

So what’s up? How’s everybody doing? I hope you all are well and had a good day.

Every Tuesday I’m loving TuckerTuesdays more and more. Why? Because I get to share with you duhh….
Really though, it’s 2015 in the matter of days! How crazy is that. SO MANY things happend over the last year it’s pretty rad. Life is in fast forward, and I’m still trying to get a grip of things. Anyway, while I do that, for the ones who care, because I can’t write everybody all of the time, and I’m not on the phone as much as I once was….anddddd I’m meeting new people often, I figure you know what, for those who give two fucks, they can come here and keep in touch; here it’s “all love”. (Breathe)
On the post…“Observing With The Ear.”

I have a really bad habit. Because of this “really bad” habit, if one doesn’t know me over the past years, I may come across as somebody I’m not; I may appear to have too much of an “Ego”. No body loves too much of an ego…”not even me”

icon smile Observing  With The Ear

Before I continue into the point of this entry let me talk a little bit more about that please…. the “ego” thing.

If anybody tells you that you have a big “Ego”, and they arean’t pulling in the numbers that you want to be pulling in….then yeah….but hey if that mother fucker who’s doing those numbers tell you something…shut up, listen and take all of the advice that you can. Then decide what you want to do. Simple as that.

An example of my really bad habit is, if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and I know how it’s going to end, I unknowingly cut them off, and “bud-in”. (Once upon a time that was call having a conversation. – at least I think.)

If I’ve ever done that to you, I’m sorry. I don’t mean anything by it….seriously though; to the one who may do it to me, know that I’m not tripping. I know that you’re probably excited about whatever you’re talking about so you don’t have to worry about coming off as overly excited or whatever…

Why am I bringing this up?

Because I preach about being the “best you that you can be”.

I want to be the best me possible.

Not only with the camera in my hand, or when I’m in the studio, but in life in general.

I know that you can’t please everybody, but, it’s only respectful to listen harder when in a conversation.

Something I’ll be working on is listening more - observing with ear. It only makes sense.

A teach years ago told me, “the secret to me being Dwayne is to observe keenly.”

At the time when the teacher told me that, I was like what in the hell is this person saying!

As time went by, mainly in the highs of my early photography adventure, I quickly learned what they meant. (That should be another blog entry.)

Now for music, for being a respectful person, to better connect with ones soul…I practicing better observation with the ear.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh what if I’m like that and I need to practice better listening myself.” Chances are you need to work on it as well.

Anyway, I really want to listen to these new beats that I have and try to work on some lyrics tonight because tomorrow is another really long day. But I’m hoping that it will go by as fast as this one because Thursday I get to check out a new studio and I’m pretty excited about it.

Sleep well.

All Love,



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December 9, 2014

Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.

Tucker Tuesday Dec 9 Blog Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.




What a week! Crazy traffic in the city, artist on every street conner, SouthBeach, MidTown, and Wynwood looked like Artwalk on crack, just an amazing time in the city for Art Basel Miami 2014. If you’re an artist randomly on my website because we spoke about creating portraits for you / photographing  your artwork, please feel free to contact me so we can arrange a time to discuss your needs / schedule an appointment for you.  Cheers to all of you who made Basel happen!
Old Man and the Sea Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.

The photograph above and the one below were both taken with my iPhone camera; if I had my camera with me, there’s no way that I would have experienced the events like I wanted to this year – I’d be running around as usually like an overly excited kid with a camera. I went for inspiration and inspiration I received. – So yeah excuse the photos’ semi-shitty quality.

The bottom photograph of the Pig, I don’t know who the artist is, I caught the photograph right before the rain came down.

It was my second favorite sighting, if you know the name of the artist please share with me.

The photograph above however was my favorite piece of Artwork at ArtBasel 2014 titled, Old Man and the Sea. Maybe it’s because it’s the National Fish of The Bahamas, maybe it’s because the fisherman is rockin’ the same hat that I wore for the first half of the year, it’s because it’s nautical; that’s why, simply because it’s nautical and fricking amazing!

The artist, also a friend of mine, Ivan Roque, was present at the LMNT showcase. When I ran into him I had already taken the photograph of the piece, before we exchanged any words, I took out my phone, showed him the above photograph and I’ll say it here again, “F**king amazing Ivan; f**king amazing!”

Pigs alla bout the money Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.

Before I get on with the rest of this TuckerTuesday, I’ll be writing to random interesting people on Twitter, connect with me there, my Twitter is, commenting on some photographs on IG (dtuckerofficial) and browsing the web for what I hope will be lucrative inspiration.

Have an awesome week!

All love,

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December 2, 2014

Control Your Mind. – Don’t just be a puppet on a string.

Focus On The Good D. TUCKER blog Control Your Mind.   Dont just be a puppet on a string.



My shortest entry is quick reminder to focus on the things that are important / the good(s).

Turn your back on everything negative as you train your mind to do amazing shit.

Enjoy your Tuesday.




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November 20, 2014

‘Dunkslaps’ Art Series by ArtOfLAFF

ArtOfLaff Dunkslaps Art Series by ArtOfLAFF


“Niggas LOVE ballers these days, because, wait, isn’t that D. TUCKER? Ain’t that just like “The Flash Wade” Hol’ up?”

The Flash Wade Miami Heat Dunkslaps Art Series by ArtOfLAFF Above all (literally), they are Art made by ArtOfLAFF.

Yesterday LAFF broke the internet‘s backboard with some really sick ‘Dunkslaps‘.

Eitan Levine, 0f, wrote an amazing write-up to share the art series headlining:

‘Dunkslaps’ art series mashes NBA stars with pop culture iconography

Screen Shot Dunkslaps Art Series by ArtOfLAFF

Here’s the Alley-oop-link to that “artilaff” article:

The News Report:

Assist D. TUCKER D Wade Miami Heat Dunkslaps Art Series by ArtOfLAFF

Some Guy Who Looks Like A Larry: What an assit D. TUCKER! What an assist! How do you feel?

It’s D. TUCKER MF: Thank you, I feel good and I look good man; look at my face. Why isn’t your face illustrated by ArtOfLaff yet? It was easy to share this link to the homie’s work you know, he’s hella creative so I fuck with that. On top of it all, we’re multitalented artist; we have a track that’s been supposed to drop already titled “Lady”, so look out for that share in the near as well.

SGWLLAL: I will do! And yes I need to get my face portrait illustrated by Laff! Where can I do that at?

IDTMF: It’s simple, just head over to ArtOfLaff.comhe has stickers, shirts, pillows, and some other cool shit there; check it out!

SGWLLAL: Sounds good! I will do! Thank you for your time D. TUCKER


SGWLLAL: Sorry what was that?

IDTMF: Nothing, have a good day dude!

November 18, 2014

Don’t Be Ashamed To Do You – TuckerTuesday

D. TUCKER Tusday Nov 18th 2014 Blog Dont Be Ashamed To Do You   TuckerTuesday


Today is only Tuesday (I meant wait, it’s just not a Tuesday, it’s TuckerTuesdays “Duhhh”), and I feel as if between Sunday and now has been about two weeks.

Like I said last week on TuckerTuesday, I look forward to sharing with you on this day to my website. In the weeks to come, you’ll see the business days slowly fill up with postings to the blog covering various topics / showcasing new work and products. The thought of everything that needs to be done is enough to make me want to explode, but inorder for me to get on track to feed my piggybank 100k there’s a lot to do. In the main time, I’m using Tuesdays to write people who wants a heart to heart with me; as mentioned yesterday on my Instagram (IG: dtuckerofficial)  post, I’m starting to meet a ton of people around the world and it’s better for me to communicate here with those who wish to stop by and say hello.

Doing this, I get to write back to who ever leaves a comment and we can keep in touch that way you can’t say, “oh Dwayne you’re getting to popular to keep in-contact”, or the famous “you got rich then switch” (which I’m oh so far from)…you get my drift; I’ll be stopping by here on Tuesdays and you’re invited, always, to pass by and say “What’s up DT!”

Let’s Start Today’s Posting Below (Because I write a lot)

I’ll be covering (briefly) three topics. The first, about an open letter to Bobby Shmurda that’s floating around the internet, second & third, about two new partners that we’re working with.


An Open Letter To Bobby Shmurda by Imani Brammer - As a musician, as a black man, as an educated human, there are a lot of thoughts running through my mind when I read Imani’s article. A friend of mine shared the link on one of my social outlets, I read it and if you choose to as well, I recommend you to watch MikeLarry2010′s YouTube video as well; the video is of Bobby Shmurda’s showcasing his performance at Epic Records.

Marcia mentioned to me the other day about the violence that was going on in his songs. Then, reading Imani’s letter, I’m like “hold up, I wonder how many other people out there is taking note of Bobby’s content.”

Imani, If you’re reading this. Firstly, I enjoy the way you wrote the article. It’s easy to read and your writing holds one attention beautifuly. Just from nerd to you, thank you for writing that way. Now on to this letter, I agree with everything you’re saying there. In the conclusion of your post you mentioned he needs therapy, the only thing that will help him and others alike is simply experiencing the world.

You mentioned “fuckry”, I couldn’t help but to laugh when I read that because my home country is the Bahamas. It was at that point I started to think about the kids back home, the ones who are playing this song day in day out….Jah help.

In my teens, everything you wrote would be a bunch of blah blah shit to me, however, as an adult I couldn’t agree more. But I’m thinking, in my younger days, with my temper, with my desire for a better life, with my desire to see the world, to have some nice shit, just to feel self-worth, I would have done the same shit.

I do know the power of the internet, so I’m hoping that anyone else who comes across this article, if you’re the one needing what I’m about to say, please apply accordingly.

Stop with all the fuckry. Simple as that.

Anybody could “go dumb”, anybody who’s capable of utilizing their index finger can squeeze the trigger and leave a few holes. I repeat, and this time on some extra real shit, stop the fuckry.

All we need is good vibes in the world man.

Look, it’s hurting me that I have to cover this topic as the year ends approaching 2015. A friend of mine told me the other day, “Remember that you don’t owe a nigga nothing”. I think about that time to time to explore what that really means….If you have people like Jay’z, Kayne, hold-up, we have the President…and things are still as the are, I’m (D. TUCKER) not going to live my life preaching to a generation…Dr. King did that and look where we at…and look what happened to him….man…I said it in my track The Sketch – “My hold plan is to show you, how I do it, and hopefully, it motivates you, and show you, that you could do it to.”

Despite me not wanting to dedicate my life to preaching to the generation, I can’t help but to brush the topic time when you listen to some of my tracks.

People want a dance, people want something that’s going to make them want to rage, no body wants to listen to the content, music like Bobby’s get people hype…it’s sad that it’s like this but it is the way it is…hopefully I find a new method to change the fuckry as I explore the industry…..

Anyway, closing that topic, a couple years ago I wrote some content to help cure the nonsense out there….who knows if it will ever pass 1 million views, or if it will ever really change lives by the masses…but it’s there: Listen To This


D. TUCKER No Basic Blog Dont Be Ashamed To Do You   TuckerTuesday

If you’re following me on SnapChat (dtucker305) you watched the #BTS of a shoot that we did for The I’m in my final days of a terrible cold; I say this because even without a cold I shouldn’t be in the front of the camera as often as I’ve been recently. But I already explained my piggybank situation so you know what it is.

The shot above was a quick-random one for me to share with you here today what’s going on. There’s still a lot of deal closing to do but as of now we shot new images for The Fadedxx and hopefully with in the weeks to come I’ll have some more amazing news to share with you about me with The Fadedxx; fingers are crossed.

The shirt I’m wearing I found appropriate to pick up because I’ll be shooting / working with a ton of models over the next few months and well yeah…..if you don’t get where I’m going with it then too bad for you… perhaps you’re the protagonist in “A Basic Barbie World.”


Pop Your Pup Shirts Are “Paw-some”!

D. TUCKER Pop Your Pup Blog Dont Be Ashamed To Do You   TuckerTuesday
Danny snapped this photograph of Onyx on my shoulder at the perfect moment.I love everything about it and it seems as if a few of you on Instagram do as well. For me it’s, Onyx cleaning his paw, the Rocky poster in the back that makes me think of boxing gloves, paws for boxing…blah blah…then the camo-hat ties it in (which is also from btw)….finally, a shirt that can’t simply can’t be defeated.

Yes, the brand is, Pop your “PUP”, but Onyx is seriously like a little puppy, as most SnowBengals are; therefore I put him on a shirt. It’s not restricted to Pups, if you have a horse that you want to send in I’m sure they’ll make it happen.

Getting a shirt from Pop Your Pup is really simple, all you have to do is send them a really good image of your pet then they do some magic on their end and send you back an amazing shirt better yet, “Mans Best Shirt”. The quality is…just order one and let it surprise you like it did me.

Btw, I’m not saying this because we are now official photographers for Pop Your Pup. They are honestly awesome.

Check more at 

That’s all for today, thanks for passing by.

All love,


November 11, 2014

Understand Your Worth – A Writeup About A Recent Experience.

D. TUCKER Tuesday Nov 11th 2014 blog Understand Your Worth   A Writeup About A Recent Experience.


TuckerTuesdays is now a day out of the week that I look forward to sharing with you. It feels good to be blogging on another TuckerTuesday, it’s like
“blogging-noodle-soup” to fight what’s last of my flu.

A non-pragmatic D. TUCKER would have blogged about today’s writeup /discussion weekend past after a phone call with who I’ll remain nameless to avoiding sparking any uncalled things that I don’t tolerate.

I received an email. The email contained information / details about a performing at a venue (The Stage) in Miami, Florida alongside the artist Twista. I thought to myself okay cool, whatever, it’s Twista, I fucked with the track he and Kanye had in my late teens, it would be pretty cool to share the stage with him.

I re-read the email with head of management and it was clear that I needed clarification from the promoter who contacted me.

Why? Because it turned out, my payment of $600.00 for the 10 min (at least what I thought would be my payment)…..was being asked as a payment from my organization to obtain the performance slot.

Hold up…

That’s like me walking into WholeFoods and telling them I want them to give me a payment because I’ll be eating the food I make.

That’s like me going to any Gas Station and saying I’ll be driving from gas so I need you to pay me for it.

That’s like asking me to showcase an awesome performance to an audience, but, I have to pay in order to do it; after paying for the instrumentals to be made, after paying to have the live performances bounced along with mix and masters of the records, not including promotional merch to the attendees….”Come on Son”.

It’s not worth it. I’ve been desperate before to have my music heard live on the stage, and I lost $50.00. That time, I wanted to try it but wan’t worth it.

Maybe I’m spoiled with the ability to have you read this post and connect with thousands quicker than me spending $600.00 to showcase the way they wanted me to.

With $600.00 I could record a life performance video from my cellphone, spend  money on facebook ads or some other platform and obtain better connection than 10 mins on stage in a room with less than 200 people….

Other artist reading this – paraphrasing a Rich Dad Poor Dad quote, “If you want to be wealthy you must know your numbers.”

That shit didn’t make sense…”If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense…”

I’m out…

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November 4, 2014

All I Want For My Birthday Is Another TuckerTuesday Blog Post!

D. TUCKER birthday 26 blog All I Want For My Birthday Is Another TuckerTuesday Blog Post!

When you’re younger, you look up to people and aspire to be alike them. At least that’s how it was for me. I’m sure (well I hope) other’s who have their fathers look at the male role figure and say, “I want to be just like daddy.” For me, it was different; as you know, I lost my superhero (the male one; what up mum <3 ) at the age of 11. There are qualities / characteristics of my father that I kept alive. Examples: being a man with no tolerance for bullshit, a gentleman, and one that I’m sill mastering, his power / ability to have anybody whom he came into contact with love him. Maybe there were people who didn’t like him, and I didn’t pay attention to it because I was too young, also very uninterested in any bad vibes. But, I’m glad it was like that because we must learn to do what?…”Focus On The Good.”

When people turn older, usually after 21, they’re always like, “Shit I’m getting old; I hate life. etc. etc.”, My response, “Fuck that man.” The way I look at it, there is so much more to experience (the thrill comes with not knowing exactly how many days we have to do it), for me, it’s more TuckerTuesday sharing,  jewelry to design, canvases to prints, CDs to sign, (until the world is mine – had to plug that one only cause rhymes; reading it lol) crowds to surf (haven’t done that one don’t think I’ll be jumping into one either – seriously though; Kanye face.), sound-waves to surf (new music, new music), photos to create, business deals to make, family trips to take, wealth to create; so much to do man.

Look, I’m about to get on with my day and get a fresh I stay fly cut; it’s my birthday man.

I’m 26 today.

Thanks for passing by the blog.

All Love,

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October 28, 2014

Good Vibes In My View – A write up about Self-Confidence.

D. TUCKER Good Vibes In My View1 Good Vibes In My View   A write up about Self Confidence.

(If you’re new here, welcome to TuckerTuesday’s on my blog. Send me an email to dwayne[at]dwaynetucker[dot]com and I’ll save your contact for when I’m ready to mail newsletters. I plan on using the newsletters to give away gifts to readers, giving away deals from partners I work with if, I’m able to convince them that my fans deserve free shit. Who knows, at random I might even give away a free photo-shoot to a few lucky people. If you’re not much of the newsletter person then connect to tune in on SnapChat: dtucker305 | IG: dtuckerofficial | Twitter: @DwayneTucker)

A few winters ago I was playing basketball with a childhood friend and he said, “Boy confidence is a serious thing you know.” That day I was balling like I was Kobe Miami Heat 2012-2013 Lebron. I was feeling good, balling in my zone. With that said, you should keep good vibes in your view, good people who surround you, good everything, you deserve good because it’s only good for you. A quick little add to that, “be a good person too man.”

While Jen, the stylist for this shoot, and Danny, one of my partners in crime behind the lens (because we be killing shit), were on set to making the photo above….(let’s take a break because that sentence is getting too long; breathe.)…I was thinking about headlines to use for this post. Just because YACHTLIFE, I wanted to say something like, “Haters Ahoy!”, I was thinking because that net is on me I wanted to plug Curren$y’s line, “Homie I’m a whale, big “mufuckin’ fish. Of course you gon’ see a ocean where I live.” Then, because I was feeling superdope in the photography studio, confident, feeling the positive energy around me, revealing the inner-nerd in me discussing compostions, light levels etc., I said let me use today’s TuckerTuesday’s blog post to add my two cents on the topic of self-confidence.


Using basketball as an example again, when you’re on the court, you know that your performance is needed to help the team win, you know that you’re going to have to push your hardest. When you do so, you’ll find yourself open on the three point-line draining that shot, nothing but net, and walking away with that, “yeah, I’m the man, that felt good, feeling.”

For the ladies, I can only imagine that it’s like taking those tweezers to your eye-brows, or going to get them threaded then walking outside like, eyebrows on “fleek” “holla”!

The overal sum-up about self-confidence is: If you want to be somebody in this life you’re going to have to learn to embrace your self-confidence. Look within yourself, be real with yourself, and start feeling good about yourself.

The reason why I wanted to add my two cents to the self-confidence well is because it helps me continue to strive for the best. More than that, I know how it feels to beat yourself up about life, I’ve witness feeling down when I shouldn’t haven been, I’ve swam in the drowning pool of negativity, the only opening for a fresh breath of air is to, “Look within yourself, be real with yourself, and start feeling good about yourself.”

While doing search using Google to find what articles are out there on self-confidence, I saw that Forbes had a few published.

I pulled a few quotes that I found most important to share with you. The links are provided if you wish to explore further.

Dealing With The World:  Where Does Self-Confidence Come From? - Alice G. Walton

““Self-confidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum,” says psychologist and founder of Compass Point Consulting Suzanne Roff, Ph.D. She believes confidence is largely built through our dealings with the world.”

Positive Thoughts / Mindset:  Raising Your Self-esteem To Have A Better Career - Ken Sundheim

“The right mindset will significantly boost your overall state of being and performance. When you think positively and believe in your abilities, you’ll recognize success.”

Capital For Your Confidence:  How To Increase Self-Esteem And Success In Business - Martin Zwilling

“For every entrepreneur, a healthy self-esteem, leading to self-confidence, is critical to your success, since every startup is entering uncharted territory, and must take risks to seize a new opportunity. Not all entrepreneurs have a background to start from a position of strength in this area, but all have the ability to learn and the passion to succeed.”

And just like that, that’s another post done for TuckerTuesday’s. Remember to connect with me or send your emails in. Pushing to do a weekly post here on the blog is a goal for me to use as a motivator to others who want to turn up their grindmode; I hope my hustle motivates you.

All love,


October 21, 2014

A Short Story About My Orchids – Life Lessons.

Orchids A Short Story About My Orchids   Life Lessons.

When you enter the creative business you meet some pretty darn cool people. When you grow within the creative business, you take a second to say, “hold-up, why the hell am I getting house gifts from my friends; where did the time go!” Give me a second, before I dig further into the short story about my orchids on this beautiful Tucker Tuesday, please let me share my number one experience in the creative business:
“There’s always a lot of learning to do.”

See, that wasn’t long now was it. The orchids were a gift from Chanda. His last words were, “Don’t kill them.” In my mind I was like, “They’re only flowers, all I have to do is, give them enough water (know how much is enough), sufficient sunlight and they’ll be fine.” Boy was I wrong. A couple weeks later, they were dead. If only a “How To Take Care Of Orchids“ lesson were a part of my applied science course senior year of high-school. – Get on on St. Andrews. According to the linked video, and backed by a sales lady in a Wynwood, Miami plant shop, I’m not supposed to water the plants daily. Apparently, I was killing the plants by being too nice to them. The lady told me to give the orchids three ice cubes a week then ignore them and let them do what they want.

After I had pots filled with support sticks, I left them there because the string around the support stick closest to my vinyl-player made a good support for the radio’s antena.

Weeks later something magical happened, the plants began to bud flowers again.

It’s the plant gods I tell you!

Now that I’m writing the blog, I’m thinking, “Maybe it’s the good music from the vinyls that brought my flowers back to life.”….Maybe icon smile A Short Story About My Orchids   Life Lessons.

Lessons that I take from it: “Life will do what life wants to do.”, “Take care of life so that life will last; ask questions when unsure”, “Only give orchids three ice-cubes per week.”, “Listen to the ladies in the plant shops.”, “Don’t assume you know how to do something so quickly. – Really know that shit if you never done it before.”, “Blame the cat for killing the plants.”

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October 7, 2014

Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

Blog For Canvas Dwayne Tucker Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

If we are anything alike, you dislike boring interiors. The first step to adding a bit of excitement to your living and working space is to hang artwork on your walls. If we’re anything alike, you’ll have an appreciation for quality artwork; artwork that makes you feel, artwork that makes you stop and appreciate its beauty. If we’re anything alike you’ll like the photographs displayed enough to place an order to purchase a canvas print by me (Dwayne Tucker) x CanvasFab.

It was a dream for me to provide my photography lovers with prints of my work. However, I didn’t want to rush into it, I didn’t want to just upload a print via the Internet create a buy now link then ship to you without overseeing the quality that’s sent to you. Don’t get me wrong, there are awesome websites for printing canvases online and creating a store for it etc. For examples, I’ve bought prints from, I’ve set up a shop with that I’ve been hesitant to ship products because of the aforementioned concerns but with CanvasFab being located not too far away from me in Miami, Florida’s Design District, I’m now able to feel comfortable shipping you canvas if you’re investing in quality artwork. If you’re a follower on my Instagram (dtuckeroffical) you’ve seen me posting photographs  like these ones of my canvases being made over at CanvasFab with love:

 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

CanvasFab makes it simple for anyone to print on Canvas, it may be a wedding photograph that you want to blow up, you may be conceded as I am and simply want a photograph of you blown-up, it may be a pet, another family member etc. The reason why key reason why I enjoy printing with them is because they truly love doing what they do; you know, you feel the pride and passion from another individual when they care about their work as much as you care about yours.

To kickstart my prints, I chose a mixture of images that I’ve photographed over the years that have personal importance to me, but ones that I know that will add value to your living and workspaces. For example, the images with the crazy lights alike the first one below were from 2007 in Savannah, GA. I took a photography class at the Savannah College of Art and Design and I told my professor one day I’ll be printing the images for purchase…well….

Those images are from my series  / collection of images is called, “The Blast Tour”. The second half of the images had to be nautical….if you follow anything about me…well…yeah you know where that’s going…

Here are samples of the prints that I have available – Please click title links for more information about sizes available   and pricing:


5 Star SKU0010 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!



Beach Bum Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!




BeachRun SKU0014 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Cabbage’ Beach:

Cabbage Shores on Dwayne Tucker Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Dog On Board:

Dog on Board1 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Nippy Headlights:

Nippy Headlights SKU0016 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!



OceanSet SKU0013 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!



RedZoom SKU 0008 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Straight Off The Boat:

Straight Off The Boat SKU0009 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Towel Please:

Towel Please SKU0015 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Truck & Car:

Truck and car SKU0012 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

Again, to place orders for my prints, please visit:

Before we close this introductory entry of Canvas Print by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab, it’s only right that I write a little about the shirt that I’m wearing in the photograph of me above.

Why the “Fuck Cancer shirt?” For starters, it’s breast awareness month!

The shirt is from 

One of the owners of Fadedxx lives in the same building as I do. He’s a young hustler alike myself, and I wanted to find away to help support what he’s doing with his clothing…

He sent me a link of his products, the Fuck Cancer tee stood-out and I asked if I’d be able to highlight the tee a little within this blog entry if he’d allow me to send a free shirt to everyone who buys a canvas from me. That’s right, you buy a canvas and for the rest of this month through the ending of my birthday month November (2014), I’ll be sending a free “Fuck Cancer” tee with any canvas that you purchase.  More than sending the shirt, 50% off of their value will be donated to the ACS.

That’s pretty much it for this write up; thank you and I’m ready to set up an a shipment for you today. Order Here.

Again, a very special to and to you who made it to the end of this blog post, we’ll be waiting to ship your orders.