April 25, 2016

Sensi Tees Spring Summer 2016 Report

D. TUCKER better known, D. TUCKER, Photograph 2016.

D. TUCKER, Boulder, Colorado, 2016.

Let’s open this report by saying, I am (Photographer Dwayne Tucker) honored to serve as Sensi TeesPhotographer / Creative Director for their Spring / Summer 2016 LookBook x Campaign. With a bright future illuminated by designing quality, meaningful, and informative products, Sensi Tees is at the front line of the “green-rush fashion’ retail” by creatively amassing a community where recreational and medicinal marijuana use is de-stigmatized by raising awareness and eliminating negative preconceptions.

After 16 years of creating photographs, this is my first time officially blogging a “Client’s Photo-Shoot Report”. So that both you and I stay on topic / what to expect within the rest of the report, here’s what follows: display below showcase of the photographs (click for gallery view), a brief re-cap of the stages that made this project a successful one, and finally, last but not least, a documentation video highlighting behind the scenes, filmed by the genius himself, Daniel Gallego, better known as SquidStills.  

Sensi Tees SS2016 






















To make photo-shoots akin, the production is always followed by our three stage process: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. This is the ideal / efficient way of seeing a project through from start to finish. The purpose of me sharing this report is to introduce you to a new client of mine and share the visuals we create. As a photographer / as a creative who likes to share inspiration to the next, I’m holding back from turning this blog entry into a book on how to shoot stills for a similar campaign. So to sum up, before I share the video that re-caps our travels to photograph this campaign, and head to bed before I go back to the camera store, let’s just say: In pre-production, we decided on a destination, organized time spent at the destination (California, Venice Beach and Topanga), organize the make-up artist(s) call time,  organize the models – time sheets, shooting schedule, flight schedules, production call times, post-production etc. etc

There was A LOT that went into creating visuals to introduce to you, a brand that will become a generation’s favorite. Thank you to the creative team for making everything run as smooth as possible.

Until next time – “Inhale Peace. Exhale Love.” – Sensi Tees


Shop The Collection Now At: www.SeniTees.com

April 8, 2016



What’s up People!

It feels only right to log into this blog and share an update after not writing for so long. Months ago I closed my facebook’s personal page (my music page is still there), I’ve been using Instagram @DwayneTucker to share photos – mostly in black in white because I feel in love with black and white photography for the personal work (my professional portfolio is still photography.dwaynetucker.com), and I use Twitter – @DwayneTucker as well, time to time to connect with people who listen to my music, people who look for my photos, to talk shit and be sociable at times with the world wide…Twitter is awesome (despite it’s 2016 and I’m still not verified on their platform…mother f**kers are tripping.)

As I grow, I find myself being distant, not on purpose however; trying to make / take the journey further. It’s not easy though. Having a strong support system that kickstarted all of this shit is more important than having everything that comes from…life now-a-days is the art and the practice of balance.

I have family, close family friends like family, friends around the world, past clients etc. who I’d like to keep in-touch with…so here’s another entry for you guys.

Let’s talk music….

Northern Lights – This was the latest single that released on my SoundCloud. I had no formal release of the track, stayed away from the blogs for this one, had false promises from radio stations etc. etc. etc. it was annoying. We invested a lot into that song, it took a while to make, but at the end of the day, even though I should be more upset about it I’m not because I have strong portfolio piece with that song. It’s an awesome one. Listen here (warning – use headphones, audio content is NSFW.) – https://soundcloud.com/dtucker/northern-lights-prod-by-neal-sarin

Next mission is to get a video funded for the track, a small $7k will cover it the way we see fit.

A friend visited and she said, “Dwayne, a few years ago, when we were in Nassau, you’d always be pushing a new single or project for music..where is the new music, I want to hear some.” I replied by asking her if she heard Northern Lights (she didn’t), it’s usually a surprise to people who hear it for the first time because the quality is honestly what I’ve been searching for in the music department over the years. I also explained to her, in 2011 when I started focusing on music I stopped completely with my first love, photography. Over the past months I’ve been more focus on the exposure of my newer photography work, but, I don’t think I can ever fully stop either of the two. New tracks are written and I hope to release soon, but before I do, a stronger D. TUCKER fan base is a must. I know when the people hear the music they’ll love it, if they love good music that is, there’s no reason not to not love; unless one straight up hates…anyway, more music to come and hopefully gets the exposure I deserve from it….but we’re chilling & hustling until…


Now-a-days I feel more blessed than anyone…the past years have been really tough. I some point I had to sell all of my camera gear…shout-out to Aperture Pro Miami for their rental department when I needed camera bodies / lights etc.; they’re the best out here for it. To the next reading this, it’s important to keep focus through all the tough times that is evident to come and reappear (this is life). I was able to get my hand on a couple of new camera bodies, M got a Nikon as well and she’s putting it to great use. Over the months we’ve traveled to New York City, Las Vegas, California, and next up is Colorado.

So far for 2016 we’ve had a billboard put up in the city (it was special because it was my first in Miami), we’ve shoot a 200+ product catalogue, a couple of LookBooks….it’s been a blessing; on future post they’ll make great post to share images etc. so expect that from me.

As always, I’m sending positive energy and love to the next.

I’m praying / working for better days and I encourage the next to do the same.

With love,
Dwayne Tucker

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January 12, 2016

Except The Bahamas! (Ma Boy!)

Visit The Bahamas. Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Visit The Bahamas. Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Visit The Bahamas. Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker. Conch Salad Photo

                  ‘Visit The Bahamas’ – Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker

Happy TuckerTuesday you awesome people!

Two Sundays ago, the creator of the hat, “Miami VS Everyone” visited my store, he was wearing one of the hats, I thought it was dope, and I’m a a supporter of people hustling in Miami / for Miami so I bought one.

I shot my first D. TUCKER music video, in Miami, I found / developed myself as a Professional Photographer in Miami, connected with some of the best people in Miami, and most of what I do, I owe it to Miami. We who truly rep the city have a lot of love for the city, and love for the others showing love; it’s just a Miami thing. We leave that hate shit else where.

However, despite this Latin paradise being the favorite, this is still my home away from home, The Bahamas (“Ma Boy!”). Therefore, from me, even though you’ll see me rocking the new favorite hat for the first weeks of this 2016 first quarter, it’s still “Miami VS Everyone”, except The Bahamas.

Over the holidays we had conch and other seafood flown to us from The Bahamas. The photographs above shows a small photo-collection of steps to making what’s in the bowl. Look, I love photography and I love making photographs but that conch was in my face, it was hard for me to even take these three shots because all I wanted to do was finish the salad and eat it. DISCLAIMER – You do not have to have the hat to make the salad! (For those who needed that….) For tortured souls who don’t know what conch is, if you would like to learn more about conch and how to make the Bahamian dish (it’s made much better than shown above), TruBahamianFoodTours.com covers an awesome, “Tru Bahamian Must Eats: Conch Salad” with step by step how to make conch salad and interesting information about the dish’s origin.

For those who vist by my website on TuckerTuesdays thank you for being awesome! Until next time!

All love,

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January 5, 2016

Because We Love Photography

Kalik Photographed by Photographer Dwayne Tucker

MaxPowerPhoto photographed by Photographer Dwayne Tucker

Photo_3-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_4-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Wait, hold up a second before you stroll further into this post showcasing photographs from last weekend’s bike stroll with Max Power!

As I strolled the images thinking on what to write for this TuckerTuesday post, to you the person who randomly said, “Let me checkout DwayneTucker.com” (much respect to you for passing by the #TuckerTuesday Journal by the way; on the sidebar of the website please add your email to receive updates for when I write to this website and if you’re a fan of my photography / me as an artist you’ll find some cool stuff time to time in that free subscription.)

Photography, and life as a photographer / an artist is like riding bikes – all about the fun, and keeping balanced.

Do me a favor, if you use Twitter, when you’re finished strolling the rest of the images, send a tweet to me saying exactly, “Yo Tucker, respect!” When I see that tweet from you I’ll know you read this post. My hopes as always with these entries are to provide inspiration to the next person; it’s my little duty to pass on some good vibes for the creative hustlers.

I met Max months ago at the store. Reached out to tell me he’d be in the city from Germany. We organized a day to just to have some fun, nothing technical / without using production processes like our normal shoots. This day was just to ride around Miami, shoot at random and breathe a little. It always feels good having shoots like these ones that made me fall in love with photography in the first place; I fall in love with her all over again; every time.

Girls of Miami photographed by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Photo_6-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_7-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_8-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_9-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_10-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_11-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_12-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_13-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_14-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_15-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Girl On Bike. Girl Smoking. Girls Of Miami Photographer by Photographer Dwayne Tucker

Photo_17-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_18-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_19-Dwayne Tucker Blog

Photo_20-Dwayne Tucker Blog

That’s all for today!

All Love,

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December 29, 2015

Because #FilmIsNotDead – Happy Tucker Tuesday!

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.


Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.


Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.


Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

The above were photographed by me (Photographer Dwayne Tucker) using the Nikon FE2 film camera. These are a few select favorites from 2015. Maybe I’ll post a few more in 2016 when I develop more rolls that I know holds a few gems of this year. So for now lets say these are a few favorites from 2015 Miami shall we.

Past Sunday a gentleman came into the store and we were discussing film photography. He started shooting around 1975. Naturally I became interested due to his era. I started sixteen years ago but to him that’s the age of one of his grand kids; blah.

The conversation grew as to why he thought film was pointless. I really don’t think it’s pointless, I feel as if when you photograph film you hold great value, I feel as if there’s a lot more going on with the process than shooting digital. I know that I’m not the only one with these thoughts in 2015/2016.  The guy was looking for an argument but I wasn’t having it; maybe he was just looking for somebody to vent to or have great discussion about photography with so I listened. (By the way, Mr. Alex, if you’re reading this, whenever somebody comes into the store looking to buy a lens from me please hold your opinions and let me close my sale! You’re very lucky that lady closed the deal with me because had she not you’d owe me $500.00. I mean I know it’s nothing to you but $500.00 is a trip to WholeFoods for me buddy! All love though.)

When I speak to older photographers I just listen and take in what I can from the conversation. You learn so much more when you just listen. Most don’t see that but let them do that.

Back to the conversation, my observation concludes, #FILMISNOTDEAD!

I was not saying the industry will have a turn around where EVERYBODY starts using film again; it would be a beautiful thing for the industry but I’m a realist. What I was explaining to the photo-dinosaur is that I’ve been watching the movements, I’ve been taking notes on the very few people who actually still care about balancing apertures, shutter-speeds, and ISOs, and what I’ve noticed is that the love for film is growing again. It’s favored by newage photographers. The respect for what originated the art turned into the known “insta-chaos” is growing. That’s it.

Blah blah….Anyhow, I’m interested in knowing which of the photos you favor the most from this post; if any at all. Please introduce yourself to the comments and if you have anything else to add about where you see the film industry is headed please speak up.

All love,

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December 22, 2015

The Story Of Blair At My Studio

The Story of Blair

Rockstar living is the best way to describe the process of “The Story of Blair” photo-shoot at my studio. Usually when I plan a shoot I prepare and effectuate using: Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production. Using the production-process make the turnaround to my Commercial Clients (ClothingJewelry, Resturant etc.) smooth as possible. An unplanned night like last Friday night at my studio supports the quote, “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.” We had very little time to plan, very little time to make this shoot happen, but we live something like rockstarts so we made it work.

I was excited, to see my bed at 9 p.m. on a Friday night (said no rockstar ever) until my reminder alarmed couple friends were driving to see me at 12:30 a.m. It was a friend’s birthday so naturally I wanted to support despite being mentally and physically exhausted.

The night before was another friend’s birthday, we returned at 5:00 a.m., I had a two hour nap then I opened the store selling cameras until the sun left the sky. I was drained.

Blair arrived to my valet, dressed as shown, pulchritudinous.

Wynwood was the location, 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning was the time, the others planned to explore South Beach, I wasn’t having it; I had a Golf tee-time at 1:00 p.m. in Boca, Raton. Like every other person playing a round of 18, I decided to pull an “all nighter” to make the Photo-Story.

Her energy is amazing; a little too much if it’s natural for her to have that amount of energy at 4 a.m. (she’s not human but she’s akin her energy.)

I knew she’d be easy to photograph because of her unique-eccentric look. I love working with people who bring character, and a positive attitude to the table; all that other fuck-shit stay away. To add, she’s also a gymnast, and working with flexible models is also a plus because it’s easier for them to find that power shot that I seek for.

2015 going into 2016 the Instagram world and floating lands of the internet would call her a model, I mean well, she’s the “model” for these photographs, and I prefer to work with beautiful girls who don’t come with the “model” ego….blah blah….Blair’s actually a business owner, and her to come project is being the costume designer for The Weeknd new music video; pretty rad if you asked me.

Enjoy the rest of the photographs below.

The Story of Blair

The Story of Blair

The Story of Blair

The Story Of Blair

The Story Of Blair

The Story Of Blair

As Always, “We Have Fun!”

Photographer: @DwayneTucker 

Extra Information:
– The “Skater Skirt” worn in the photographs were from: BlackHeartLingerie.com

– “Shoes are called take over lace up platform boots.”

Enjoy the rest of your #TuckerTuesday!

All Love,

**For all inquires please contact: dwayne[at]dwaynetucker[dot]com**

December 15, 2015

Northern Lights’ Update + The Insider….

Northern Lights

To Whom This May Reach,

If you keep up with my music / me as a person, chances are you’re coming from Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat (dtucker305) – (and if a hardcore fan, you follow my SoundCloud as well – SoundCloud.com/DTUCKER), to those people, the artwork for Northern Lights is the only thing that changed; the song is perfect thanks to Producer Neal Sarin, I would not change anything about it (….until I have to provide the clean version.) As of now this is the official artwork for the track; a lot was invested into this track so until a vast number of people are able to enjoy the efforts enjoy this track and more akin will arrive. You can help me spread this by sharing it on your social medias; I’ll appreciate that.

When we made Northern Lights the initial plan was to develop a soundscape that will compliment the D. TUCKER brand; Neal is a fucking beast I tell you.

I wanted to show my growth from my other projects, “Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1″, ” SGIOV2″, “Portfolio Day” and the other few singles. To do it, I needed that soundscape, I needed proper mixing and mastering, a solid team effort to putting this track together.

Organically, until otherwise I’ll have the track spread on it’s own while I make other material that will define where I’m going with all of this.

All love, just a quick update.

December 12, 2015

George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge Photography by Dwayne Tucker

Our past trip to NYC, we crossed over to New Jersey and there I made this photograph of the George Washing Bridge (GWB).

At the ground level looking up, you realize the GWB’s true magnitude.

For me, the image shows “grand”/ power, life, and a pathway for connection.

If You Like It Print It!

The George Washington Bridge photo, illustrating life, power & connection Photograph by Photographer Dwayne Tucker, is available in: “Glossy” for $27.95 or “Matte” for $34.95 for the iPhone 6 & The Galaxy S5.

Click Here To Order Your New “Photo Phone-Case

December 8, 2015

Halal Food – NYC

Halal Food

Digging through my SD card files from summer 2015 in New york I stumbled upon this image. I took this shot somewhere between my happy hour stroll with a buddy of mine out there. It’s crazy the amount of food truck business that the city has.

Thank you for passing by I hope you enjoy this image; I have more to come!


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December 7, 2015

Feed Your Mind

Feed Your Mind

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