April 25, 2016

Photography For Sensi Tees: Photographing The Spring Summer 2016 LookBook

D. TUCKER better known, D. TUCKER, Photograph 2016.

D. TUCKER, Boulder, Colorado, 2016.

Let’s open this report by saying, I am (Photographer Dwayne Tucker) honored to serve as Sensi TeesPhotographer / Creative Director for their Spring / Summer 2016 LookBook x Campaign. With a bright future illuminated by designing quality, meaningful, and informative products, Sensi Tees is at the front line of the “green-rush fashion’ retail” by creatively amassing a community where recreational and medicinal marijuana use is de-stigmatized by raising awareness and eliminating negative preconceptions.  (more…)

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January 5, 2016

Street Photography: Because We Love Photography

Kalik Photographed by Photographer Dwayne Tucker

Wait, hold up a second before you stroll further into this post showcasing photographs from last weekend’s bike stroll with Max Power!

As I strolled the images thinking on what to write for this TuckerTuesday post, to you the person who randomly said, “Let me checkout DwayneTucker.com” (much respect to you for passing by the #TuckerTuesday Journal by the way; on the sidebar of the website please add your email to receive updates for when I write to this website and if you’re a fan of my photography / me as an artist you’ll find some cool stuff time to time in that free subscription.)  (more…)

December 29, 2015

Street Photography: Because #FilmIsNotDead

Film Photography by Photographer Dwayne Tucker.

Using the Nikon FE2 film camera. These are a few select favorites from 2015. Maybe I’ll post a few more in 2016 when I develop more rolls that I know holds a few gems of this year. So for now lets say these are a few favorites from 2015 Miami shall we. Film used for this was the Kodak Portra 400. Enjoy.  (more…)

December 22, 2015

Tucker Took That: The Story Of Blair At My Studio

The Story of Blair

Rockstar living is the best way to describe the process of “The Story of Blair” photo-shoot at my studio. Usually when I plan a shoot I prepare and effectuate using: Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production. Using the production-process make the turnaround to my Commercial Clients (ClothingJewelry, Resturant etc.) smooth as possible. An unplanned night like last Friday night at my studio supports the quote, “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.” We had very little time to plan, very little time to make this shoot happen, but we live something like rockstars so we made it work.  (more…)

December 12, 2015

Fine Art Photography: George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge Photography by Dwayne Tucker

Our past trip to NYC, we crossed over to New Jersey and there I made this photograph of the George Washing Bridge (GWB). At the ground level looking up, you realize the GWB’s true magnitude. When photographing an image like this one you must always be thinking about what the best possible composition could be; for your taste. (I was shooting my favorite 24mm 1.4 lens with a CPL filter and the Nikon D800.)


December 8, 2015

Street Photography: Halal Food – NYC

Halal Food

I feel in love with the hustle in New York. The energy is a Street Photographer’s dream – the everything is. There’s nothing amazing about this photograph other than a great story with it. Somebody may feel different about it. Looking at the moment I wanted a challenge walking by to quickly frame and remember what I saw so I made this. I love to practice keeping the camera out of my bag on strolls in between shoots incase I want to make a memory. Seriously though, that’s all, nothing too special here other than feeding my addiction of making photos.


December 7, 2015

Street Photography: Feed Your Mind

Feed Your Mind

Captured on a late night train ride in NYC. This photograph is nothing more than perfect timing. I sat in the seat across. It should feel weird holding my D800 in people faces but at this point I’m over it. However, in situations alike this one I would prefer a smaller, discreet camera. It will make my subjects feel a little more comfortable. When shooting street photographs alike this one you have to keep fear out of your soul and find the image; this moment will never happen again. Your moment will never happen again, do what you have to to get the image.

January 20, 2015

Photography For YesJulz: Capturing A Wednesday Night At RecRoom

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_3

Photographs in this entry are from an invitation to photograph for YesJulz at the RecRoom in Miami, Florida. Enjoy the photographs.  (more…)

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May 15, 2014

Photography For 25 North: Photographing Billie Carroll

I Remember Paradise - D. TUCKER Black&White

Photographs shown for 25 North is a collaborative project that I (Photographer Dwayne Tucker) served as Director + Photographer with South Florida based photographer Ace Noguera. 

25 North’s founder, Billie Carroll contacted me to create her LookBook, at her selected location, Wynwood Miami. Enjoy the photographs.  (more…)

August 30, 2013

LIVE ACTION: Photographs Of Travis Scott At The Stage In Miami

Travi$ Scott in Miami, Florida photographed by D. TUCKER at the Stage.

I got word that Travis was coming into town to perform. It was my first time to one of his shows and I brought my camera along to document the performance. The room was filled with great energy, his energy level for his performance was impressive to watch. Enjoy the rest of the photographs below.  (more…)