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February 25, 2015

More Music For You (02/25/15)

Shared on the blog today is Big Sean’s ‘Dark Sky Paradise’Gill Graff – Eleanor, Joey Bada$$ – “Like Me” ft. BJ the Chicago KidDizzy Wright – Train Your MindCamille SafiyaGDWRKZ & BeetBoxx….this post is going to be to the very to the point as I brush the topics before leaving today so let’s keep moving.

Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise

I’m happy for Sean with this album, and for everything positive going for him. The dude is working his ass off and you can hear it in the tracks, the content he’s pushing etc. etc. go to the iTunes store and pick up a copy if you can. Show love to the Detroit dude! Before we move on to the next artist, peep the music video for Dark Sky (Skyscrapers) below.

See, there’s not much that’s needed to be said after watching that video right…keep pushing that “GOOD” work Sean!

Next on the list is my Miami brother Gill Graff with is video Eleanor that released today. Gill has been pushing as well, cooking up some solid tracks and now building a gallery of quality videos to go along with the music that’s already out there. Shout-out to the directors as well; awesome shit.  Let’s take a look at the video below.

I’m going to pull this quote /paragraph-description directly from Gill’s Youtube channel for the people who don’t dive deeper into the descriptions – “As we all know, The ROLLS ROYCE vehicles have a unique hood ornament or emblem that defines it’s elegance. It is a chrome figure that looks like an angel leaning forward while spreading it’s wings. That figure was made after a real life woman called “Eleanor Thornton” who was a model actress in the 1800’s. This song is dedicated to her but metaphorically and ultimately is about striving for our dreams and striving for success.

“We all have an Eleanor, we all have something that we strive for, whether it’s good health, money, freedom, freedom from financial hardship, etc. I just happen to choose Eleanor because I felt in love with the concept of dedicating this song to a person who represents success in my eyes.” – Gill Graff”

Much respect to the thought put into the track and the video; the model being body painted silver like Eleanor…all of it is good stuff Gill…

Joey Bada$$ – “Like Me” ft. BJ the Chicago Kid:

If this isn’t the best video concept that you’ve seen in the last years then please show me because I need to see. Respect Joey…fucking respect…the other day Miszmarcy (Who is going to be taking over the Music Wednesdays section of the blog starting next week btw) showed me this video…I saw the headline for it on a few blogs that I followed but I never got around to sitting down and watching it…the video is deep the content is fucking real…man I’m happy to have his guy as apart of the industry, and I await the day that we work together…are in the studio together…just a conversation at some point…he he’s here for a reason…keep up with that good work Joey!

And while on that topic of people bringing meaningful messages / topics into the mix…let’s not forget to mention Dizzy Wright’s Train Your Mind track and video (after watching it I hope you want to train your mind! It’s needed! Thanks for this one Dizzy)….another person who I’m happy for…anybody who is grinding out there with meaning, and I recognize the real in your work then yeah…here’s his video:

I already mention Joey, and he’s from the north, the last few people that I’m going to mention aren’t as known as the bunch above but they deserve the light shined as well because these people are fucking talented and with the drive there going to be up there as well! Miszmarcy have been introducing me to a lot of artist from her neck of the concrete jungles. First one I’m going to introduce here on the blog is Camille Safiya her website is – and there you can give her latest project a listen; go and check it out.

While talking about the latest project, I’ll give a quick shout-out to the photographer behind the project’s cover, Stan, whom I learned about because he’s working on a few projects with Miszmarcy; good shit. (I’m liking your photos dude, keep grinding with it….for those who don’t know, I show much respect to the photographers because other than being a musician if this is your first time stumbling on the blog, I’m a photographer as well.)

Camille, I love the topic of the first video of your 24K LP that I’m about to post below. You got flow and I’m hoping to meet up when I’m in the north…keep on grinding! Also, I’m hearing that you have a show tonight in NYC at the Delancy; best wishes tonight! If NYC tonight be there at 7 p.m.

Dope…I’m loving the message; take notes people!

Last but not least,

GDWRKZ & BeetBoxx, I’ve been keeping updated via SoundCloud with these dudes as I was looking for new artist in the north.

Beetboxx has new video co-produced by GDWRKZ and it’s dope…I really f**k with what you guys are cooking, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we could chef up together as well when I’m in the north.

Here’s the video:

That’s all y’all!

Before I leave, a special thanks to all who bought my Still Pushing album yesterday on iTunes and to the ones who left a review etc. Means a lot.

All Love,
D. TUCKER – @DwayneTucker on Twitter go and follow

February 24, 2015

Still Pushing by D. TUCKER Is In Stores Now

The 11-track album, ‘Still Pushing‘, contains personal favorite songs

by me (D. TUCKER) from the years 2011-2014.

D. Tucker's Still Pushing Album Artwork

(Purchase ‘Still’ Pushing’ on iTunes)

This feels good y’all! Before we speak more about this album, a warm mother-f**ing welcome to the new vistor(s) (a tad bit excited, I am). There are several reasons why you’re here today (and all of them are appreciated), you could be a random visitor from the vast-land of the Internet, we had good vibes flowing when we met, and you grabbed one of my business cards, you know Tuesdays are TuckerTuesdays ont the blog, you follow me on Twitter (or just creeping), you received a private newsletter from me etc. etc. (email me to: dwayne[at]dwaynetucker[dot]com and let me know that you want to be on my mailing list) – whichever way you ended up here, thank you for passing by; now let’s get on to the album!

I decided to share this album ‘Still Pushing‘ for one main reason – when I meet new people I’m tired of having to say, “Yeah I make music; been making it for a while but still growing content etc. etc. etc…”

I thought why not make an album of my favorite tracks, and give those to you. Now, I’m just going to be like, “Yeah I make music, and I made an album of my top tracks over the years so you could listen to my personal favs that spins on my iTunes, and you can purchase the album from the iTunes Music Store to show some love.”

1. Love It Hate It 

2. The Sketch

3. How Can I Trust You

4. Good Girls 

5. Security Cop Talk 

6. Amplified 

7. Music Like Drugs 

8. What’re You Into 

9. Drink Up 

10. Red Dress 

11. If I Want

If YOU want to, you can make that purchase here today…(Order Still Pushing by D. TUCKER) I must warn you first though, before you spend that $9.99  on iTunes for the album, remember that this shit is mighty-medical-music…don’t blame me when you become addicted.

Haha…but really, it’s only 10 bucks, show some love. YACHT.

All love,

February 17, 2015

And Here’s Why

Drifting Unmastered D. TUCKER(blog)

“I’m still young. Time really goes. So does life so the time is now because it’s all we got….” – As the lyrics opens the first verse of Drifting.

Drifting is definitely going to be on my album whenever we release it (I’m aiming for the start of the summer…but production time will tell.). My true excitement can’t be fully expressed via this blog post; I’m feeling the growth. There’s a lot of work to be done before we upload the music for you though.

(Completing my album would be done faster if the bank account was prettier but it isn’t – for what’s needed is expensive; it’s usually that way when one seeks top quality.)

Nonetheless, I couldn’t be happier to be in the postion that I’m in. I feel confident with the themes of my music. I know the sounds / instruments that work best for me. I know where to go to get what I want production wise. I know the type of people (mother fucking awesome) who appreciates my music. I know a lot more than before but I have a lot more to learn. This shit isn’t easy. What’s missing is a solid distribution channel and a $50k budget to make the project nationwide-ubiquitous in a month’s span (nothing to Jay-Z but it’s a lot for me right now). A lot of ground work is to be done; keep in mind that I’m unsigned, and I’ve been doing everything thus far out of my lint filled pockets….and selling prints etc. (

But, I’m “Driftin’ in my zone.”

By the way, sorry for missing last week on the blog. It’s not like me missing a week will break the interent or anything but I’ve been better with showing up weekly the last few months; I needed a break before I burned myself out. This shit gets overwhelming but it feels good / is encouraging to know that I have a community of people out there in internet-land who are supporting, who still look up to me and tell me that I motivate them; people from when I was solely a full time photographer are still rockin’ with me on my music venture etc. So the apology is to you.

D. TUCKER in Studio

That’s me tired from being up the night before, then spending a full day in studio, working on this project that I hope to have my name more known, that I’m hoping people will feel inspire by my work, that I’m hoping people will be like okay this dude D. TUCKER is about it – flow and all…good music and all…, that I’m hoping will bring bigger projects to the table for me. That’s the plan. It will happen. One way or another.

Already this track sounds better than anything that I’ve released on my soundcloud – production wise and it’s not even mastered as of yet!

I told my engineer this is my resume, my portfolio; the CV must sound ready. I’m I’ll be using this project to connect with people in the industry that will provide leverage to making D. TUCKER the brand a house hold name in due time…when I say I’m out here Driftin’ believe that every move is one with hopes to see land ahead….I’m going after what I feel is there for me.

Each studio session is $85.00 / hour to complete a track from start to finish will take about 10 hours more or less.

If you don’t understand why one would spend so much on it, I don’t expect you to. If you understand that quality is vital or when you put your name on something then yeah…you know what’s up.

I’m not as known as the people who are known in the music industry as of yet but that can be changed over night by running into somebody and them liking a freestyle…or…use your imagination for some random shit…it happens….point is, when that day happens, if it happens that way or if it has to happen from me continuing to meet people one by one as I’m doing now, I want the quality of what’s to be put out from me from here on to be up to par. I strive for the best.

With that information said, I’m putting up this Paypal donation button with the hopes that people who enjoy my music / people who love good music, people who want to see me accomplish something, people who know that if given the right chance I’ll become something bigger than…something’s that’s really big….blah you get the point. Or for people who are just in some let me give away some money today mood…the donation button is below. You have no idea how much I’d appreciate the help. I’m doing everything I could do right now to bring in the paper to live, and fund the projects at the same time. Life is wild and your help is appreciated yo.

If you donate, I’ll send via email to you a copy of the unmastered track Drifting as well as keep you posted on when I’m recording the other tracks / share some with you, as well as remember you for when I make it super big, you’ll be invited to special events etc. as my guest because I never forget the people who help. (This is the first time I’m asking for donations with this new Paypal platform so I’m not sure if they’ll send your email or what but to make sure just shoot me an email to dwayne[at]dwaynetucker[dot]com telling me you did and I’ll send over the track.


Thank you for your help,

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February 4, 2015

Music Share: Sean Ft. Drake & Kanye – Blessings.

When I see the song “Blessings” (the tittle), then I look at the names of the artist, here’s what happens:

Kayne West, “Thank you Jay-Z…and myself.”

Drake, “Thank you Wayne…and myself.”

Big Sean, “Thank you Kanye…and myself.”

First, why “and myself.”, because it take a whole lot of frickin’ work to be thyself. As an artist / a human interested in self-improvement when you recognize the efforts / “bettering” of another artist(s), it feels “G.O.O.D.” and make you want to do alike dope shit (you know, bettering yourself, working towards the “blessings”, more importantly acknowledging the blessings, that kinda shit.)…and better.

A few people who come across my blog are hearing this track for the first time; to you guys, welcome. For whatever the internet seas drifted you here, again, welcome. (@DwayneTucker on Twitter – shameless plug but I want you to connect with me there if ya got it.) Today is “Music Share Wednesdays” on, before you go, please share your thoughts in the commentary on the music shared.

Lastly before I leave you to finish the track, really listen to the content and take from it what is being said. Let it inspire you to be thankful and to do some “G.O.O.D.” shit.  Consider this track a “Blessing.”

Enjoy your evening if you’re reading live.

To the rest, all love,


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February 3, 2015

Before Liquor Never Sicker

Photography By Dwayne Tucker

Photography By Dwayne Tucker

Photography By Dwayne Tucker

January 28, 2015

Music Share: 1600 Miles by Kamilah Gibson


Kamilah Gibson, a childhood friend, an amazing artist, an amazing woman, an amazing songwriter, and an amazing human. Before I continue, the only way for you to “semi-fully” understand what I’m about to write about is for you to click play on her most recent song, 1600 Miles,and be amazed; don’t get mad at me when you start to ask yourself, “Why haven’t I heard about Kamilah Gibson before!”

A childhood friend – Kamilah & I attended middle-school / high-school together in the Bahamas. It was in her early stages of her music that I said to everybody, as I’m going to say to you now, (back then) she is the next Lauren Hill of our generation; now, she’s, Kamilah Gibson.

I didn’t mention yesterday when I shared the TuckerTuesday post why I missed last week’s New Music Wednesday on the blog – it was because we were changing real world locations and moving is a bitch; my apologies and thank you for coming back. This was the post that I was going to share last week when she released the track, but, I’m not mad about sharing it today because of another special event today, my mother’s birthday (Happy Birthday again mom; I know it’s only you reading my blog anyway :) ).

Now what does my mother birthday have to do with this track about Kamilah Gibson? When we were in high-school, Kamilah and I wrote a track dedicated to mothers, titled, “Much Thanks To My Mom”. If you have a CD of that song please email me to dwayne[at]dwaynetucker[dot]com and send me a copy; please. I’ve been wanting to listen to that track for awhile; next time I return to the island I have to dive deep into the old Compaq Desktop and see what I can find from the Cool Edit Pro files. (That’s how far she and I go back.)

Before you think that I’m blabbing way too much, please take a listen to the track 1600 Miles by Kamilah Gibson:

Okay, see, it’s not me just talking, the lady can frickin’ sing! She has superpowers I tell you. From the moment she open her mouth, the first word that come out while she’s singing, every time, I mean every frickin’ time, I’m hypnotized; I fall in love with her voice all over again.

I have the video on repeat as I write this entry with the biggest smile on my face yo; I’m so proud of my sister, and I’m excited for what’s to come for her. She is a creator of world class music; top-shelf music; classics.

Trust me, she is going to go far, it’s only a matter of content and time. (Mark these words.)

An amazing artist – Let’s see, hmmm, Piano, Guitar, Amazing Vocalist, Painter, other things that I’m sure I’m missing that she might surprise me with (but I wouldn’t be surprised at all because when she puts her mind to something, it happens.)…

I remember when Kamilah got her first guitar, she was super excited, she called me and said, “Dwayne I got a guitar and I’m going to learn how to really play this thing.”

About two days later, I visited her house, she’s playing as if the guitar came out of the womb with her in her hands; seriously though. To her it was just strumming a few cords, to me, I was like yeah she’s going to be extra dope. Another day went by; she’s singing and playing at the same damn time. Smh. She’s an amazing artist yo.

An amazing woman | An amazing songwriter – Gents, let us be real a second, any woman singing “love-notes” alike this…yeah…you know where I’m going with that. If you don’t then it’s, any woman singing “love-notes” to you like this is a frickin’ keeper; duh.

Dive deeper into the lyrics.

1600 Miles Lyrics by: Kamilah Gibson

I’m close to you in my dreams

I watch your chest rise and fall as you sleep

If I close my eyes tight enough I can hear you breathe

But when I wake up you’re nowhere near me

With these 1600 miles between us

1600 miles

And when all I want is you

These 1600 miles just won’t do

I get by on memories

Of your honey kiss and my shaky knees

How much I love you, baby, I cannot believe

But you’re not here, darlin’, you’re not here

And it’s killing me

With these 1600 miles between us

(There’s)1600 miles

And when all I want is you

These 1600 miles just won’t do

(Oh Cuz) Sleeping on your chest

is the best kind of sleep I ever get

I hear your heart and my body falls at ease

How much longer ‘til I touch you, baby please

It’s getting hard for me (with these)

1600 miles

1600 miles

And when all I want is you

These 1600 miles

Said when all I need is you

These 1600 miles

Said, when all I want is you

These 1600 miles just won’t do

They won’t do

They won’t do


An amazing human; this is years of friendship talking, connect with Kamilah on the following listed below to keep in-contact as she make every “mile” of her journey worth it.

Facebook: /KamilahMusic
Instagram: kamilahmusicx
Twitter: @Kamilah_Music_

(Kamilah, I’m super proud of you sis, keep on making that awesome music that you do. The world needs it.)

All love,

Twitter: DwayneTucker

“If you read this please like using the facebook button below so I know who’s reading; see you next week Wednesday for more new music! YACHTLIFE!”

January 27, 2015

10% Off Red Zoom & Dog On Board Canvas-Prints!

Canvas By Dwayne

Hey what up!

It’s another #TuckerTuesday and I’m feeling good; good enough to give a 10% off discount to readers around the world reading this post today.

Go to my store, and for the canvas above “Red Zoom” you get 10% off using the promo-code: tuckertuesdayred and for the canvas below “Dog On Board“, you get 10% off using the promo-code: tuckertuesdaydog.

And guess what, it gets better! The size show above is our 24×16 and below is the 20×10; it doesn’t matter what size you order you’ll receive the 10% discount. That’s right you can order a 60×30 and still receive the discount by using the code(s) provided.

Canvas By Dwayne

My friends at Canvas Fab do an amazing job with our prints. I’m happy to be partnered with them to supply quality artwork for your room, office, etc. etc. etc.

I’m off to the studio to work on some new music so today’s post is short and sweet; come on it doesn’t get sweeter than at 10% discount from me :)

All love,

January 20, 2015

Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_3


So it’s another TuckerTuesday!

(While reading over this post, I came back here to warn you that the introduction is very long and if you want to skip it please feel free to continue to the second paragraph.)

A bit excited coming into this blog post because its been over 15 weeks of consistently writing here to the blog. To some that won’t mean anything. However, some will relate to it and understand; cheers to you if you respect and support my effort striving to a better being. As you’ll learn from you music (if you decided to keep up with me on my adventure of life), I strive to better myself. A personal goal I wanted to cross out was getting three months of blogging dedicated to TuckerTuesdays under my belt. They say if you do something for three months it becomes natural; we’ll see.

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s a gift or curse. Striving  to be the best me and all. Reason I say that, is because sometimes I’m like why am I sitting down to this website writing these blog entries, trying to connect with people around the world…when I could be in the Bahamas, on a beach, just chilling, living comfortably until my expiration date…The answer is because everything worth having takes time, effort, a lot of effort – swimming through bullshit that life brings. It’s within my hopes of me continuing to share on the blog, that you will feel somewhat connected to the picture that I’m painting on the web, become supportive or at least respect that I’m sailing through life building “well being”.

Anyways, that intro got a little deep and more than I expected to write. As I’m aware that I could delete the words, I won’t because it was typing from the heart…

When I see others doing things from their heart, I recognize it. In this situation it’s YesJulz. I’m not going to sit here and write a bio on her though (click that link peep her site). I’ll leave that for you to hit Google and do your research if you don’t know who she is by now.

M forwarded me a Tweet Julz posted asking for young ambitious photographers in Miami to forward their work.

I sent over the link and was then invited to photograph as media for the event, “Recreation“.

We (two other “visual artist” and I) were asked to cover the event, being, “unique, abstract, outrageous, creative and diverse.”

I haven’t photographed in an environment alike in a while…but it was whatever, I’ve been shooting 8 years as a pro this year, I figured something would click if I stuck to PFTDT.’s (Photography For You by Dwayne Tucker) non-secret recipe / slogan, “We Have Fun.”

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_16

With that said, please follow me to the rest of the photographs that showcase my night at the Rec Room last Wednesday.

(Insert Dj scratch! Insert Dj scratch! Insert Dj scratch!)

Before I continue, the Rec Room is:

“Relaxed downstairs lounge at the Gale South Beach hotel with DJs, drinks & a retro ’70s look.”

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_4

I had to get this shot for you to see this place if you’ve never been before. It was my first night at the lounge. I’ve been in the hotel before and I had no idea this venue was there. I was photographing the place and thinking, “this would be a good place for me to have a private listening party for something that I’m working on in the music world….” Who knows, we’ll see what the future brings….

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_1

From the moment I walked in I was greeted with awesome vibes. To get my gear right, these superdope ladies let me get a shot from the left….

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_2

…and another from the right…I did those shots because there’s something about booty on the web that the people love.   So why not. Why the “surfboard” not.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_5

Love was everywhere…

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_12

I mean everywhere…

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_6

If the “bad-vibe-bully” was around, it was invisible and defeated by all smiles and good energy….

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_7

Everybody was linkin up, having a good time…good vibes.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_8

…and shaking what their momma gave them.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_13

 “Hold up, is that that YesJulz girl from SnapChat?”

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_10

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_18

The messenger above says, “Yes, why yes it is the lady of the nights, YesJulz.”

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_11

Moments of her being there, she and “Bitch You Guessed It” OG MARCO, had the place lit.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_9

These are the moments that I shoot for; showing, “We Have Fun.” Everybody was good-vibin’

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_17

It got wild and it was time to cool off…that was my first time seeing those fans in a venue; bless those.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_15

..Bathrooms were dope…this lady was fun..good vibes she gave so I took a photo.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_14

And to finish, here’s a photo of a girl receiving a text saying, “Cancel the Uber, I’m on my way for you.”  (At least that’s what the smile looks like…)

Again, it was an awesome time and I’m happy to share with you on the blog today. If I’m not mistaken, tomorrow the venue is open again for another awesome night so if you’re in Miami pass by.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

All love,


Twitter: @DwayneTucker

January 14, 2015

Music Video Review: Betty Who – All Of You


Director Steven Taylor has been on my photographer radar for a couple of years now. That was made possible because the people who stay on my radar are the ones who are passionate about their work, they illustrate the quality in their work, and deliver ideas that inspire me to “hustle harder”. The select few holds the respect from me because they motivate /understand hard-work to captivate energy that worsk for them, allowing them to produce brilliantly, beautiful art.

Reading online within the past few days I saw Steven directed the music video “All of You – Betty Who“. I’m not surprised to see Steven as a music video director because he often work with musicians as the subject of his photography. I could sit here and make the list of people who he have worked with as long as this blog post would be, but you’re going to go to Google instead and look that up if you need credibility celebrity examples to continue your reading. 

When I see things like this – projects that excites me because of the thought behind / embedded within (early tip number one – put ample thought into your fucking projects), I often analyze / dissect the body of work because it works.  I’m blogging on a Wednesday because I couldn’t make my regular TuckerTuesday post yesterday; it was simply too late when I arrived from the airport to sit and write – when the body is exhausted there’s no holding it back. Anyways, I’m taking on a new challenge (tip number two, always challenge yourself because it keeps you “so fresh and so clean, clean.”) on Wednesdays I’ll be inviting more reviews of music and music videos to the blog.

Before we dive deeper into the post, here’s the music video:

All Of You – Betty Who

Shout-out to the stylist of the video, the clothing / accessories  was aesthetically please as it complimented the “visual-storyline”.  Here’s what I took from it – A girl and her boyfriend had a fight, she calls a friend (could be a secret lesbian love or a feminist follower from Twitter who she DM go the number and played bad ass girl to the rescue.), they payback by robbing (laugh at that please – “pay”back by “robbing”) the dude at his job as they rdde off into the sunset.

Things that stood out to me in the video, the mask the robber-badass-girl is wearing, the old school muscle car, the bat she used to rob the store (also making me side that she should leave the “bitch boy for getting robbed with a bat from a Miley Cyrus size human.”), SONY, the use of composition, what could be accidental symbolism, she don’t need the nuts (I’ll explain soon), and………I’ll touch on the mentioned before we close this post with the lyrics.

STDIRECT_2At 18 second in we see a SONY phone. I didn’t know that SONY made phones, but now I do. Maybe it’s product placement; could be, if it is…good shit..well done. Are feminist / people who been a break -up / “couple-fight” recently,  being sold products by SONY?

Moving on,


I mentioned “accidental symbolism”, here at 24 seconds in we see two birds flying freely together. I saw that and listen to the lyrics, I’m thinking that’s all this lady wants to do, fly freely, escape with her lover. Side note, I told y’all I pay attention to signs etc. or whatever may be signs, I’m just thinking to myself as I write this, “yo, birds were on my last blog post…I just stopped myself from getting into some weird thoughts before 4:20, and y’all don’t need that so let’s get back to the script.



These two screenshots from the video could sum it up for me. The story would be, “The girl needs love, no matter who being girl or boy to escape with once she’s loved when the sunsets. Also, in this situation, like the last photo, she’s through a bag a nuts like, “hell with the nuts I don’t need those.” (Again, the guy is getting robbed from Miley’s lookalike cousin…with a bat….maybe she should have thrown those nuts between…………okay let’s move on shall we.


I shouted out the stylist earlier, and I’m talking about the bat so let’s just bring this screenshot to light of how modernly-dope that ski-mask is…girl got style.

STDIRECT_7Before we move on to the lyrics, here again, another SONY product….as well as the muscle convertible…it was used in the past to show “male-strength” hence the name muscle (for strength)….just an observation….

Dope video Steven and I’m looking forward to the rest of what I’m sure is coming from this department. Keep up this kind of work and I’ll be contacting you to co-direct a music video for one of my tracks (someday after I land a tour that pays get off of it and I’m able to afford your time. Unless you have some spear time I want to make some history happen.)

All OF You – Betty Who’s Lyrics

“All Of You”

It’s a perfect day for a fight
Running after me in the pouring rain
Screaming: “Baby you were right
I need you, I need you”
Calling my name is a twisted game
Cause it wears me down till I love you more
Waking up to us making up makes it better than before

Ohhh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you
Ohhh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too
Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love
I want you to give me all of you

Get to know me, in your backseat
Drive me crazy, then you drive me home
The only place I wanna be
Is with you, is with you
Trying my luck when I work you off
Throwing all your clothes off the second floor
Waking up to us, making up makes it better than before

Ohhh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you
Ohhh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too
Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love
I want you to give me all of you

It’s a perfect day for a fight
Running after me in the pouring rain

Ohhh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you
Ohhh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too
Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love
I want you to give me all of you.

January 6, 2015

Birds Seen Flying Around…

Birds Flying-Tucker Tuesday


The ocean is my favorite place to sit and think – second to the shower. It brings happiness to me.

Being around the water, in the water, on the water, drinking water, all is refreshing; for the mind+soul & body.

Before I get weird with the words, and lost into several topics that could be blog post of their own…let us fly in formation…keep on track.

When I snapped this photograph I couldn’t help to think of the lines from Cudi:

“Birds seen flying around, you never see them too long on the ground, you want to be one of them…you might hear the birds singing flying around, you never see them too long on the ground, you want to be one of them…” – Kid Cudi

Below are two screen shots from Rap Genius for you to explore those lyrics deeper.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.47.02 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.47.17 AM

I won’t do too much writing today. If you’re here on the blog for another one of my TuckerTuesday blog post, thank you for passing by again.

I want to you to stroll back up to the photograph of the birds, give five minutes  to yourself and just think…think if you were a bird, what would you do? Where would you be? After you’re done thinking about that, head over to my instagram or Twitter and answer the questions for me .

This is my first post of 2015, and like the birds flying freely, the thought of 2015 feels good.

Maybe it’s because I have two proposals out already. Maybe it’s because I’m excited about instrumentals that being built for me. Maybe it’s because I’m excited about photography projects that I assigned myself for the year….it feels fucking good.

This year, is a year that will challenge who ever I think I am as Dwayne Tucker / D. TUCKER….I don’t know why it feels so good, but it feels good.


I’m going to sign off now, and post this photo to my instagram- IG: dtuckerofficial

I’ll see you there and as always,

All Love,