April 16, 2014



Hustlers of Miami are all about the quality and if you know PAPA BEAR, you’ll know he’s all about the quality; “if you don’t know now you know.”

But seriously, when you’re in the business that we are in, there are unspoken expectations of certain public figurers. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work on a past project for the TGLMIA’s Founder x Ninja Clan Co-Founder. Because of this, I knew if he’s investing in his music (anything) one should expect nothing but the best.

You’re seeing this entry to my blog because “I ride with my dogs, get high with my dogs.” Show support for my dogs who hustle!

Enjoy the music video below,

Directed By: Papa-Bear & Bengie
Produced By: Bianca Alarcon
Edited By: Camilo Estrada

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April 12, 2014

Let’s Settle This Annoying Question

D. TUCKER blog From A Kid I Had BIG Dreams Lets Settle This Annoying Question

“Why did you stop photography? You were so talented at it!”

Last weekend at the pool, a girl approached me and asked why did I stop photography. She was seriously mad at me about it. I am impressed with her love for my work. She continued the conversation about how hard the music industry is (as if the photography industry in today’s market is any different.). I then asked her if she ever listened to any of the music that I’ve created. She didn’t. I then played her my track “If I Want” as an appetizer, I could see her smiling, nodding and fucking with my music as she listened for the first time. (As they say in NYC, “I was mad “gassed”".)

Hopefully when I venture into another industry within the years she’ll ask why did I “paused” music.

I never “stopped” photography as a profession; even if I wanted to, I don’t think it would be possible; I am a junkie with the camera.

At the end of 2011 until a few months ago I “paused” photography to develop myself as the alternative hip-hop artist that I am today.

It’s mad annoying repeating this line over and over, now, I have this blog post to send the next person who ask me about it. (Thanks for stopping by the blog; most love.)

Here’s the scoop – “MASTER MIC RECORDS”, when I was 13 years old, I was hooked listening to the works of Master P., Silk The Shocker, Snoop Doggg, Dr. Dre, etc. etc. I wanted to start my own label, so, a few friends of mine and myself started reppin’ the label we coined in high-school. Back then, every black male’s dream in my neighborhood was to become a “rapper”, or to become the next as great as Michael Jordan. Somewhere in the mix of all of that I fell in love with the idea of digital photography. I bought a point and shoot then started scratching my veins whenever I was unable to photograph; I became addicted to it.

I spent hours, upon hours, upon hours on the internet learning tutorials for Photoshop. I spent hours, upon hours, upon hours learning how to use my uncle’s DSLR camera. Then, I got really lucky meeting a photographer whom I looked up to and a few snaps later, everything for my career as a photographer fell into place.

It only happened because I spent hours, upon hours, upon hours, learning how to get better.

Fast forward a few milestones.

When I made the decision to take my music serious, as an established artist, I knew the process to perfecting one’s art. For an example, with photography, a photographer learns, composition, F-Stops, shutter speeds, ISO, when to use a tripod, etc. etc., then you learn your workflow while editing your photos (it’s like branding – when people look at your photos when YOU look at your photos, do you see consistency, when you edit your photos do you have your base formula to take your craft further.

The same thing was applied to the creation of my music. Listen carefully to the tracks of SGIOV1, SGIOV2, and Portfolio Day (or wait patiently for my SPACEY OCEAN project) and you’ll hear the improvement within my content, within the delivery, the overall presentation…..a lot to deal with to figuring the codes. The fucked up part is that I don’t have it figured out yet, but, I know enough to get by.

When people suggest to do something that you love, they do that because you must truly love what you do to deal with the bullshit days that comes while learning to master your craft.

Fast forward a few more milestones.

Now I’m balancing being a professional photographer and an alternative hip-hop artist. I have ways to go but I’m thankful for the ones that stayed around from the start and love to those who will come in the future.

I’m out.


(Any further question hit me at Twitter: @DwayneTucker)

April 2, 2014

Restoring Your Self-worth

I turned 25 a few months ago, and like an article I read by Christian Gabriel on, “I imagined that I’d be “rich and successful” by the time I was 25.”

**Know that you’re worth it all throughout the ups & downs.**

Before I continue this post for you, a quick message to Christian Gabriel, “Despite your age, despite the challenges you’ve faced, all I can say to you is to keep on swimming through the flood. I can imagine how annoying it is to hear this again, you, others and myself ask the question, “Why the fuck can’t something just work already?” A little insider joke to help keep my friends and I minds afloat is, “It’s not that you’re not hardworking or that you’re stupid, some people were just born from a wealthy nut-sack.”

Lately, I’ve just been living by, “It is what it is and what will be will be.”

**Build a portfolio for yourself / strengthen the one that you have; always be working and showing; this may be challenging when you have a lot of shit on your mind but re-organize, keep it G, and just do what you have to do….I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere on internet straight forward as that.

(Check out my new portfolio for my photography here & for my music here; keep a body of work to show.**

Often in past Pharrell Williams’ interviews he’d say, “Wealth is in the mind and heart not in the pocket.” I believe in the saying for the most part, but when your stomach is hurting because of the lack of food, it’s hard to agree with it and have it all make sense. At the same time, believing in that statement makes me want to work more at my arts because it’s all that I can do.

“It is what is is and what will be will be.”

Rich and Successful, that all depends on what you call rich, and how you measure your success.

I’m far from being rich; far from being as rich as I’d like to be. Sometimes I wish I had a rich father or grandfather to say, “Okay son, this is what you’re going to do, and this is how you’re going to do it.” and become “successful” at their dream. I know a number of people in that position and for whatever reasons didn’t take it. At times I wonder if it’s all worth it anyway. Then I think about all you can eat stone crab Monday nights at the Trulucks and say fuck yeah it’s worth it!

Without doubt, I’ve lived one hell of a life going into my 25th. Alike Christian, I’m very fortunate to have family and supporters who have and who had my back in the roughest seas. Without those people, my photography, my music, schooling, living would not be possible. I feel blessed, but at the same time, it’s mind bothering not being able to do it all own my own,….if you are a person out there in Internet land feeling this way, be thankful man; just be thankful because shit could be a lot shittier. Be a hustler; hustle hard; be thankful and work to making shit happen. (Take a listen to Maybe and feel a little better….Maybe.)

“ My friends, who are mostly settled in their careers, starting families and taking group vacations, tell me how “smart” I am, how they “don’t understand why someone wouldn’t hire me,” and how I just have to “keep trying and not give up.” It makes me sad to think about how much I became a ghost in my circle of friends in the last few years. Group dinners, vacations, brunches, shopping trips, nights out at bars and clubs just became less and less a part of my existence until most of the time nobody really bothered to try to include me. I never blamed any of my friends for that; you can only decline invitations because you’re literally too poor to participate for so long until people just stop asking. I’m lucky, or perhaps unlucky enough depending on how you look at it, to have some incredibly successful friends who worked really hard and put in the effort to become very well paid in their respective jobs. It’s not so much that you envy your friends’ success or are jealous of them, it’s more that being around people who you consider your peers who all managed to “make it” when you yourself continually stumble and fall makes you question whether you really even belong with that crowd. Being the only fuck up in the room becomes a pretty dark cloud that you’d rather not expose anyone to after a while.  

In comparison to many, I’m considerably lucky. I got to live this amazing life surrounded by amazing people for so long, even if most of it was living beyond my means, and even now that I’ve come to point where it’s basically all disappeared, I still am fortunate enough to have family who’s willing to give me a place to stay and feed me. But now, sometimes I honestly don’t know what would’ve been worse, having experienced for so long a life of relative privilege only to have it all fall apart, or never having had the chance in the first place.”

My apologies for the chunk of a quote Christian but reading that, I felt like every bit of it I wrote; word for word. I don’t know if I should call it growing up or what but damn. Just damn.

….I read that quote again and I’m honestly speechless….listen, to the person reading this, if you are feeling down because of your current situation; just know that you’re doing a lot better than the person who decides to do nothing at all. More than that, just do your personal best because it’s all you can do. Something that I need to do more often / started to recently do, is look back at life for a little, step outside of living it, then enjoy the progression. The more I practice this, I feel luck floating in my direction, it’s like being lost at sea, rough weather, then seeing land with sun at your face…..

….I’m sorry I’m checking out.


March 31, 2014

5 Days Away of $1,000.00…Maybe

maybe 5 Days Away of $1,000.00...Maybe

D. TUCKER – Maybe (Prod. Corbett) for the Contest.

I entered a contest. You can help me win by listening to and sharing my song to your friends.

I’ve never entered a music contest before. I don’t know what to expect but I’m praying for the best.

Share with a friend if you come across this blog post please. Share the song.

Beneath the embedded YouTube are the lyrics to the track; follow along.

With Love Always,


Maybe by D. TUCKER

[Verse 1:]

This is something super special make a cripple stand up.
Food for the hungry,
clothes for the naked,
in my polo boxers looking at the ocean like I made it.
Good things happen to those who work.
But this rap right here,
this aint work.
Unless you vibe with a nigga,
blogs and magazines.
Should I, espose the fact y’all coverup good raps?
Did that,
feel this right,
all in the open like swoosh,
all in the papers like kush,
sounding like the only question is,
maybe if,
the world gave Tucker a chance like rappers would he,
fuck shit up,
like hiccups,
in the middle of sentences,
wack like that last sentence is.
I do this for life,
long sentences,
no periods,
now that’s blood good.
You feel that right?


Maybe if I closed my eyes real tight,
Maybe if I nod my head a bit more,
Maybe if I crossed my fingers a little tighter, I could make my name shine a bit brighter,
Like PLOW.
All it really takes is a little faith,
All it really takes is a few prayers,
all it really takes is a little time,
Looking at the sky like Jesus are you really there?

[Verse 2:]

See y’all don’t know me but I’m living out my dreams;
for the people,
with dark nights and darker days.
The only conclusion is,
Jesus truly saves,
gotta be a Jewish kid,
You don’t take pride in that?
I take pride in these raps,
take offense when all they do is spin crap,
Where the good DJs at?
For the young blacks,
or whites,
or yellows,
whatever, for the people who are broke,
I am an inspiration,
Finished college, no jobs paying?
Steady on my grind.
Maybe, maybe aint a question for we;
for the people who hustle, this song is for we.
Cause it hurts not knowing if you really gonna make it.
If you really gonna make it, no need to really fake it.
Work hard; have faith Kid(z).


Maybe if I closed my eyes real tight,
Maybe if I nod my head a bit more,
Maybe if I crossed my fingers a little tighter, I could make my name shine a bit brighter,
Like PLOW.
All it really takes is a little faith,
All it really takes is a few prayers,
all it really takes is a little time,
Looking at the sky like Jesus are you really there?

March 25, 2014

A Conversation About BlackFish

BlackFish A Conversation About BlackFish  I’m very interested in your comments about the movie BlackFish. I know that I’m late surfing this entry to the blog on the Orca’s wave, but, this past Sunday, I was able to lay down and fully watch the film on Netflix to see what all  the controversy is about.

I’ll be discussing some of the things that bothered me / moved me in the film. Afterwards, I’d like you to please use the commentary and voice your thoughts as well for myself and the rest of the world to read; don’t hold back, if you have something to say, good or bad / agreeing with me or not, feel free to say it.

Why is the title called BlackFish? An Ocra is a mammal. Anyway…..

I’m wondering if the selection of the title was chosen on purpose, or just a quick fuck up; alike SeaWorlds operation.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the title is pretty catchy, hence I’m writing about it. But, I’m truly wondering if it was used to emphasize that SeaWorld is mistreating mammals.

For me, the movie was touching as fuck; very saddening. I’ve never had the SeaWorld experience, and after watching the film, to be honest, I’m not interested in it either. For a different blog post, I did visit Dolphin Encounters a number of times in the Bahamas; I’m not sure how they / or Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis Hotel treat their dolphins but it made me start to think a little more about it, but like I said, that’s for a different blog post.
Back to the title for a second, as I’m writing this, I’m really wondering if the black was used to make the connection of Ocras’ captivity to slaves….I mean hey, they could have titled it “PandaLookingFish” or something but whatever, it makes the point.

After watching the film, what bothered me the most, is that people are out there on the interent, who are like yeah whatever so what….then, you have the SeaWorld reps protecting their cash cow….

I don’t wish to spend too much time writing on BlackFish because I’m interested in your thoughts about the movie and not my what-would-be-blog-rant.

But, before I close, the thing that moved me the most was seeing how they took the baby Orca away from his family….man…if that doesn’t touch you in someway where the hell is your heart…I knew very little of the Orca’s intelligence and emotional level until that part. Just wow and damn!

If you haven’t seen BlackFish as of yet please  do so.

If you have,  please share your thoughts about the film below.

March 17, 2014

New Photos of D. TUCKER

March 17, 2014

Photography by Dwayne Tucker : 03.17.2014

Transportation Music Photography by Dwayne Tucker : 03.17.2014

“Steady laying low moving product coast to coast; music….” – If I Want by D. TUCKER

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March 13, 2014

Before and After Photoshopped Images

Photoshopped Girl Before and After Photoshopped Images

I am a patch tool / clone stamp tool away from removing‘s watermarked logo for the hell of it.

But if they made this image, I’ll do the right thing and give them credit for it. It’s only fair.

Like, it’s only fair to photoshop the image and make the models look their digital best.

I found the photoshopped pictures over to Jon Killmer the Filmer’s website today and they’re worth a share with you.

Share the link of this post with an ugly friend and tell them not too worry so much anymore, photoshop beautifies all.

View More Before and After Photoshopped Images.


March 11, 2014

Photography by Dwayne Tucker: 03.11.2014

Run With Me Blog Photography by Dwayne Tucker: 03.11.2014


Run To The Sun

The concept of this photograph was inspired by the works of Muard Osmann’s Photography.

March 9, 2014

40 Must See Photos From Past

Space Chimp Lives 40 Must See Photos From Past

Here is something really cool and worthy of sharing – 40 Must See Photos From The Past.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been painting the walls and refurnishing the interior of my blog.

It has been a while since I’ve been blogging and I’m looking forward to sharing articles alike this one, a ton of new photographs and new tracks from as well.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again.

(Btw I used the Space Chimp because he’s a dope dude but how crazy is that photo, Illegal alcohol being poured out during Prohibition, Detroit, 1929!