October 28, 2014

Good Vibes In My View – A write up about Self-Confidence.

D. TUCKER Good Vibes In My View1 Good Vibes In My View   A write up about Self Confidence.

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A few winters ago I was playing basketball with a childhood friend and he said, “Boy confidence is a serious thing you know.” That day I was balling like I was Kobe Miami Heat 2012-2013 Lebron. I was feeling good, balling in my zone. With that said, you should keep good vibes in your view, good people who surround you, good everything, you deserve good because it’s only good for you. A quick little add to that, “be a good person too man.”

While Jen, the stylist for this shoot, and Danny, one of my partners in crime behind the lens (because we be killing shit), were on set to making the photo above….(let’s take a break because that sentence is getting too long; breathe.)…I was thinking about headlines to use for this post. Just because YACHTLIFE, I wanted to say something like, “Haters Ahoy!”, I was thinking because that net is on me I wanted to plug Curren$y’s line, “Homie I’m a whale, big “mufuckin’ fish. Of course you gon’ see a ocean where I live.” Then, because I was feeling superdope in the photography studio, confident, feeling the positive energy around me, revealing the inner-nerd in me discussing compostions, light levels etc., I said let me use today’s TuckerTuesday’s blog post to add my two cents on the topic of self-confidence.


Using basketball as an example again, when you’re on the court, you know that your performance is needed to help the team win, you know that you’re going to have to push your hardest. When you do so, you’ll find yourself open on the three point-line draining that shot, nothing but net, and walking away with that, “yeah, I’m the man, that felt good, feeling.”

For the ladies, I can only imagine that it’s like taking those tweezers to your eye-brows, or going to get them threaded then walking outside like, eyebrows on “fleek” “holla”!

The overal sum-up about self-confidence is: If you want to be somebody in this life you’re going to have to learn to embrace your self-confidence. Look within yourself, be real with yourself, and start feeling good about yourself.

The reason why I wanted to add my two cents to the self-confidence well is because it helps me continue to strive for the best. More than that, I know how it feels to beat yourself up about life, I’ve witness feeling down when I shouldn’t haven been, I’ve swam in the drowning pool of negativity, the only opening for a fresh breath of air is to, “Look within yourself, be real with yourself, and start feeling good about yourself.”

While doing search using Google to find what articles are out there on self-confidence, I saw that Forbes had a few published.

I pulled a few quotes that I found most important to share with you. The links are provided if you wish to explore further.

Dealing With The World:  Where Does Self-Confidence Come From? - Alice G. Walton

““Self-confidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum,” says psychologist and founder of Compass Point Consulting Suzanne Roff, Ph.D. She believes confidence is largely built through our dealings with the world.”

Positive Thoughts / Mindset:  Raising Your Self-esteem To Have A Better Career - Ken Sundheim

“The right mindset will significantly boost your overall state of being and performance. When you think positively and believe in your abilities, you’ll recognize success.”

Capital For Your Confidence:  How To Increase Self-Esteem And Success In Business - Martin Zwilling

“For every entrepreneur, a healthy self-esteem, leading to self-confidence, is critical to your success, since every startup is entering uncharted territory, and must take risks to seize a new opportunity. Not all entrepreneurs have a background to start from a position of strength in this area, but all have the ability to learn and the passion to succeed.”

And just like that, that’s another post done for TuckerTuesday’s. Remember to connect with me or send your emails in. Pushing to do a weekly post here on the blog is a goal for me to use as a motivator to others who want to turn up their grindmode; I hope my hustle motivates you.

All love,


October 21, 2014

A Short Story About My Orchids – Life Lessons.

Orchids A Short Story About My Orchids   Life Lessons.

When you enter the creative business you meet some pretty darn cool people. When you grow within the creative business, you take a second to say, “hold-up, why the hell am I getting house gifts from my friends; where did the time go!” Give me a second, before I dig further into the short story about my orchids on this beautiful Tucker Tuesday, please let me share my number one experience in the creative business:
“There’s always a lot of learning to do.”

See, that wasn’t long now was it. The orchids were a gift from Chanda. His last words were, “Don’t kill them.” In my mind I was like, “They’re only flowers, all I have to do is, give them enough water (know how much is enough), sufficient sunlight and they’ll be fine.” Boy was I wrong. A couple weeks later, they were dead. If only a “How To Take Care Of Orchids“ lesson were a part of my applied science course senior year of high-school. – Get on on St. Andrews. According to the linked video, and backed by a sales lady in a Wynwood, Miami plant shop, I’m not supposed to water the plants daily. Apparently, I was killing the plants by being too nice to them. The lady told me to give the orchids three ice cubes a week then ignore them and let them do what they want.

After I had pots filled with support sticks, I left them there because the string around the support stick closest to my vinyl-player made a good support for the radio’s antena.

Weeks later something magical happened, the plants began to bud flowers again.

It’s the plant gods I tell you!

Now that I’m writing the blog, I’m thinking, “Maybe it’s the good music from the vinyls that brought my flowers back to life.”….Maybe icon smile A Short Story About My Orchids   Life Lessons.

Lessons that I take from it: “Life will do what life wants to do.”, “Take care of life so that life will last; ask questions when unsure”, “Only give orchids three ice-cubes per week.”, “Listen to the ladies in the plant shops.”, “Don’t assume you know how to do something so quickly. – Really know that shit if you never done it before.”, “Blame the cat for killing the plants.”

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October 7, 2014

Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

Blog For Canvas Dwayne Tucker Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

If we are anything alike, you dislike boring interiors. The first step to adding a bit of excitement to your living and working space is to hang artwork on your walls. If we’re anything alike, you’ll have an appreciation for quality artwork; artwork that makes you feel, artwork that makes you stop and appreciate its beauty. If we’re anything alike you’ll like the photographs displayed enough to place an order to purchase a canvas print by me (Dwayne Tucker) x CanvasFab.

It was a dream for me to provide my photography lovers with prints of my work. However, I didn’t want to rush into it, I didn’t want to just upload a print via the Internet create a buy now link then ship to you without overseeing the quality that’s sent to you. Don’t get me wrong, there are awesome websites for printing canvases online and creating a store for it etc. For examples, I’ve bought prints from, I’ve set up a shop with that I’ve been hesitant to ship products because of the aforementioned concerns but with CanvasFab being located not too far away from me in Miami, Florida’s Design District, I’m now able to feel comfortable shipping you canvas if you’re investing in quality artwork. If you’re a follower on my Instagram (dtuckeroffical) you’ve seen me posting photographs  like these ones of my canvases being made over at CanvasFab with love:

 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

CanvasFab makes it simple for anyone to print on Canvas, it may be a wedding photograph that you want to blow up, you may be conceded as I am and simply want a photograph of you blown-up, it may be a pet, another family member etc. The reason why key reason why I enjoy printing with them is because they truly love doing what they do; you know, you feel the pride and passion from another individual when they care about their work as much as you care about yours.

To kickstart my prints, I chose a mixture of images that I’ve photographed over the years that have personal importance to me, but ones that I know that will add value to your living and workspaces. For example, the images with the crazy lights alike the first one below were from 2007 in Savannah, GA. I took a photography class at the Savannah College of Art and Design and I told my professor one day I’ll be printing the images for purchase…well….

Those images are from my series  / collection of images is called, “The Blast Tour”. The second half of the images had to be nautical….if you follow anything about me…well…yeah you know where that’s going…

Here are samples of the prints that I have available – Please click title links for more information about sizes available   and pricing:


5 Star SKU0010 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!



Beach Bum Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!




BeachRun SKU0014 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Cabbage’ Beach:

Cabbage Shores on Dwayne Tucker Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Dog On Board:

Dog on Board1 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Nippy Headlights:

Nippy Headlights SKU0016 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!



OceanSet SKU0013 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!



RedZoom SKU 0008 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Straight Off The Boat:

Straight Off The Boat SKU0009 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Towel Please:

Towel Please SKU0015 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!


Truck & Car:

Truck and car SKU0012 Canvas Prints by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab Are Now Available!

Again, to place orders for my prints, please visit:

Before we close this introductory entry of Canvas Print by Dwayne Tucker x CanvasFab, it’s only right that I write a little about the shirt that I’m wearing in the photograph of me above.

Why the “Fuck Cancer shirt?” For starters, it’s breast awareness month!

The shirt is from 

One of the owners of Fadedxx lives in the same building as I do. He’s a young hustler alike myself, and I wanted to find away to help support what he’s doing with his clothing…

He sent me a link of his products, the Fuck Cancer tee stood-out and I asked if I’d be able to highlight the tee a little within this blog entry if he’d allow me to send a free shirt to everyone who buys a canvas from me. That’s right, you buy a canvas and for the rest of this month through the ending of my birthday month November (2014), I’ll be sending a free “Fuck Cancer” tee with any canvas that you purchase.  More than sending the shirt, 50% off of their value will be donated to the ACS.

That’s pretty much it for this write up; thank you and I’m ready to set up an a shipment for you today. Order Here.

Again, a very special to and to you who made it to the end of this blog post, we’ll be waiting to ship your orders.



September 20, 2014

Virgos Are “Kinda” Cool…

Virgos Virgos Are Kinda Cool...

…If you follow me on my Instagram: dtuckerofficial or my Twitter @DwayneTucker then you’ll know more about this photo.

See you there maybe?


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August 25, 2014

Sometimes I Drop By With A Hello…

dtuckerofficial Sometimes I Drop By With A Hello...

Isn’t it the right thing to do? It feels like the polite thing to do…Let me make clear, I’m not the worlds best blogger. I’m horrible at it. I take a look at videos from people I look up to out there in “Internet-Land”, that one there should ring somewhat of a bell for of them (Cough, Cough, Chase Jarvis.) Part of operating this “freedom do doing whatever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want, because we will live forever from the shit we love to do”, is by constantly creating and sharing. From another virtual-mentor (Cough, Cough, Tyrese Gibson), if I can remember it goes something like, “Not in sight, not in mind…” something along those lines. I can’t speak for many but for me, I feel the development and the push that’s taking me towards sharing more. Now-a-days, I’m going to need that studio money more and more, faster, I’m going to need that Profoto gear, more and more, faster, that advertising money more and more faster, that car / jet fuel, more and more faster, while at it, throw in some meetings at the Truluck’s  more and more faster and I could make the list go on….

Like my favorite supporter / #1 support tells me time to time, no excuses, do what you have to do…many I’m hella thankful of my core support system and the support of the growing external one.

For give me here writing so much it has been a while…

More of this entry is to come but for now if you come across this, follow me on my Twitter…I typed the obvious are erased why but you know what it is…

@DwayneTucker on Twitter 

….Early mornings for the mission I’m on……I’m out….(Excuse any typos..)

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August 24, 2014

The Sketch Is “SoundCloud-Sold-Out”

I had this headline pending /sitting in the “Unpublished” section of my blog for a very long time; like many articles I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about. I’m on WordPress tonight to write the entry that follows. I figured why not sit here and share that “The Sketch” passed 100 downloads, for me that feels good. That’s 100 awesome people who said, “I’m going to hit this download button and listen to D. TUCKER’s music sometime.” Man the future is going to be dope.

Tracks like “The Sketch” had an early stage mindset; it’s crazy to how time flys by. That track seem as old to me as new as it is to you. The approach with the ones that are coming a much different, it feels more D. TUCKER, in fact, it feels more Dwayne Tucker. With my newer tracks I’m listening to the instrumentals, for the people who do what I do, listening to instrumentals should make sense to you, each stem, pay attention to the details. That feels dope to me because I remember listening to Kanye West when I was in high-school and being like yeah see Kanye West has a style with his beats. The beat could play and you’d say, “That’s a Kanye West’s style beat.” The direction that I’m heading I could see my picture on the side of a “This beat sounds like…” if you know what it is you know what it is. If you don’t, let’s sum it up with that, all this behind the scenes work is grooming me well….

…I’m hella tired and I want to share some words in another entry so YACHTLIFE to all and R.I.P. DT1, I know that you’re looking down and proud of me pops. Still a lot to do and a lot of learning along the way; wishing I had your guidance.


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July 1, 2014

New Music: Gill Graff feat. Emilio Rojas – Crown (Prod. by Cmplx)

Gill Graff feat Emilio Rojas New Music: Gill Graff feat. Emilio Rojas   Crown (Prod. by Cmplx)

“After releasing the singles “Until I Win” and “Police on My Back”, Gill Graff decides to drop one final single before his “Let Me Fail” project drops this summer 2014. This time, he links up with Rochester artist Emilio Rojas and producer Cmplx to collaborate and give us “Crown”.”

Day before yesterday I saw the bro Gill Graff shared that this track, “Crown”, featuring Emilio Rojaswas about to be released. This morning I check my email and there it was. If you’d like to give the track a listen do so here: Listen To Crown.

Reason why Gill and I shared the stage together, why we discussed plans for our ten city tour together, why have a couple tracks in the valut for you is because he’s a hustler who’s all about quality; alike every other artist whom has my respect. With that said, I expected nothing but quality, however, if this is your first time hearing about Gill’s music, don’t be too surprised about it.

I’ve never heard about Emilio Rojas before….One sec….That’s another reason why I respect the bro Gill, we’d be talking about music and he’ll be like, “yeah, you know so and so…”then I’m on Google like, “Oh Emilio, yeah, yeah, okay okay….” then eventually, if I think the artist is talented, I follow up with their work.

Emilio Rojas is an artist who I recommend you follow as well.

Other than overal “quality control” which holds a lot of weight for me, what makes a good track “for me” is quality content….basically people who communicate with relevant, sensible, listen-worthy ass shit.

Emilio & Gill’s verse did that..don’t believe me give a listen….

I’m out.


Connect with D. TUCKER on Twitter: @DwayneTucker

June 19, 2014

Things To Know About The Beats by Dr. Dre World Cup Commercial

img 65661 Things To Know About The Beats by Dr. Dre World Cup Commercial

Nabil Elderkin for Beats by Dr. DreRobin van Persie of Holland featured in the Beats by Dr. Dre 2014 World Cup commercial, directed by photographer Nabil Elderkin.

Exploring this case study of The World Cup’s Beats by Dr. Dre commercial, “The Game Before The Game”, was enlivened by my love for ingenious advertising. Thanks to Oliver Laurent’s  Time Lightbox article (the best article covering its “Behind The Scenes” with words from the commercial’s director, Nabil Elderkin), sharing details to support, making analyzing easy.

We get a “supernatural-euphoric” feeling (at least I do) when we see an advertisement / a visual that we know will stir tidal boars in the internet’s seas. Unfortunately, Sony has legal damns built for Beats by Dr. Dre’s brilliantness; too bad it won’t stop them. When you create an awesome product, with brillant / knowledgeable artist (with a huge capital and connections) behind promoting, if you’re lucky, you’ll create a master piece alike the commercial. At least I’ll love to think that; I’d love to truly experience that; I will someday.

Over the years I’ve studied Advertising Design and Advertising at the Savannah College of Art & Design and Miami International University of Art & Design. In school you learn the fundamentals and recipes to crafting an AD, but for me, analyzing via case studies is fuel keeping my drive high in the creative lane. Before you continue reading, this blog post is for the kid online in his room thinking about a future in advertising like I once did, for the people who randomly appear to my blog to creep around, and for the people who want to read my thoughts on the commercial.

Oliver opens his article with, “The World Cup isn’t just about the love of soccer.” As I grow older, I learn neither, The World Cup, The NBA Finals, The Superbowl etc. are never solely about the love of the sport. My first observation is for stirring the ocean is Placement & Timing.

Because of the new partnership, Beat’s mark in our generation’s history, it’s only right for me to mention Apple’s 1984 AD aired Superbowl January 22nd, 1984. It seems the places to kickoff into history are football and futbol events. After reading about Beat’s recent band from FIFA because of the competitor Sony, I feel as if “The Game Before The Game” would have aired durning the game; luckily for them, it didn’t because the story line would have been different. Now they’re playing the best headphones game with Sony; I’m looking to the quality that’ll come. (What’s up with my headphone’s deal Beat’s By Dre!?)

The Brazilian start Neymar stars in the commercial-music-video on a phone conversation with father; right in time for father’s day past. Timing.

Before I share the video with my blog to conclude the entry, I’ll brush on the topics of Lifestyles, The Director and the agency he represents, then I’d like you to head over to Time Lightbox to read the Behind The Scenes article.

“The video also features Germany’s Mario Götze, Mexico’s Chicharito and other guest stars from Serena Williams to Lil Wayne.”

It only makes sense to communicate a product like Beat’s with multiple targets. Reset Content, the company Director Nabil Elderkin represents, illustrates the slice of life advertising the best I’ve seen. Until this commercial I’ve never heard about Rest Cotent, have a visual examination of the work of their other artist. Each artist is awe-inspiring.

I said enough already, the commercial is 10/10, I’m lost for words, Nabil, you’re the man and I’ll be studying your work and hopefully you’ll shoot for me someday…..that’s all.

June 3, 2014

D. TUCKER featured in Chanda Mbao’s ‘Champagne’ Music Video!

D. TUCKER champagne music video D. TUCKER featured in Chanda Mbaos Champagne Music Video!

US-Based Zambian Rapper Chanda Mbao premiers his new video for the song “Champagne” that features Alternative Hip-Hop Recording Artist D. TUCKER.

Song Written and Performed by Chanda Mbao and D. TUCKER
Song Produced by Gronery
Song Engineered and Mastered by Robert Dante.


June 3, 2014

An Open Letter To Young Bahamian Males + Lady Millz ft. Dro Capone ‘Get Away’ Music Video

Dear Young Bahamian Men,

Welcome to my website if you are here for the first time, and if this isn’t your first time here, welcome back. My name is Dwayne Tucker a.k.a. D. TUCKER and I am the US-Based Bahamian Alternative Hip-Hop Recording Artist / South Florida Commercial Lifestyle & Advertising Photographer. In 2011 – recent, I returned to the island, and I am utterly appalled at the islands’ current state – New Providence in particular. I’ve been gone again a few months, and I checked-in with a partner / childhood friend of mine from the High Society Ent. group to see where we (Young Bahamian Males) in the country are at. His reply, “Everything’s getting worse.” The reason why I joined the board of under 20 members was to create networking events for young professionals in the Bahamas, with a goal to have our audience / guest viewed as civilized future leaders of the country. Ultimately for other young Bahamian’s who hear about the great vibes / positivity from the events, to promote living in unity, and realize that the future of the Bahamas belongs to young Bahamians; you and I….and we can’t afford to fuck it up.

I was inspired by ‘Lady Millz (She’Milly) featuring Dro Capone – GET AWAY‘ to write this open letter to you, with the hopes of Bahamians on the internet to share it, for my writings to truly motiviate another young Bahamian male/ inspire another young Bahamian male to put his life on a better path. Two years ago, I wrote a verse over Kayne West & Jay-Z’s ‘New Day’ track (Listen Here - read the Lyrics carefully in the video’s description please) to shine light on what I’m writing to you within this letter, and the message that Lady Millz & Dro Capone embeds within their blessing to the young Bahamian male. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who sees that “things aren’t the way they should be for we.”

I don’t give a flying fuck which way anyone else decides to quote this after I write what I am about to write, but, the country lacks guidance, our older “leaders”, the majority of them, aren’t worth shit when it comes to having male figures to look up to (not all but most), and we are wired to feel accepted when we do “fuckery”. It SEEMS cool to want to “rob a nigga”, it feels cool to be “Mr. Macho” and think that everybody fears us, it SEEMS cool to share a story about how we “tear that nigga head off last night” etc. etc. Actually it’s fucking sad man…

…It saddens me because I know for a fact that we have the most ambitious men in the world, some of the most talented men in the world the only thing that’s missing is being loved from early childhood, and feeling as if we can actually do something positive, meaningful and be somebody in the world. Not only the country but in the world.

Lady Millz Get Away An Open Letter To Young Bahamian Males + Lady Millz ft. Dro Capone Get Away Music Video

Lady Millz & Dro Capone’s video highlights examples of why things are the way the are. Example the letter from BTC, bills are high, BEC, bills are high, VAT taxes and not being able to afford rent already…all bills are going up besides our paychecks.

I watched a video on Netflix not too long ago and the actor said, “There’s no right way, or wrong way, it’s only the need way.” We lack guidance of how to survive as a nation when we face the need way.

I don’t expect people to read this article and some lady to fall down in church because the holy ghost touches her sending a miracle. However, I expect you to really look within your heart and say, “man that little picky-head, big-teeth mother fucker D. TUCKER, who started out in Thelma Gibson Primary School and who still doesn’t have it all is trying his best to be the best he can be. I want to seriously make an effort to change. I know he’s saying all of this talk about guidance etc. and his father was one of those guys in 2000 who died in Exuma working for Batelco when their phone towers collapsed but he still strived to be the young man his dad would have wanted him to be; mudda-sick-dred; di proper bey.”

People, there’s a lot we have to work on man…

I feel as if I’m cutting my own heart right now because it really hurts to have to write this; but nobody’s saying anything. We already know that nobody’s doing anything so we have to start with a change for the better within. If you’re reading this and you’re like “but damn Tucker I have bills to pay and I have a living to do” what I want you to do is to grab a piece of paper, take a few mins, write down your life’s goals, write down how much you make a week / how much you desire to make a year, do the math and work towards it. The road won’t be easy but it’s worth it man. I haven’t accomplished all of my life goals but if you/I/we fight to get there and you can do the same.

Before I leave you all with Lady Millz & Dro Capone’s video, final note, shout-out to the Director of Photography Cubes Productions, keep pushing with your videos man I like your progression!

Thank you Lady Millz & Dro Capone for shinning light on an issue that we’ll fix in the Bahamas sooner than the general public thinks.

Bless the power of music.