January 28, 2015

Music Share: 1600 Miles by Kamilah Gibson

KamilahMusic blog Music Share: 1600 Miles by Kamilah Gibson

Kamilah Gibson, a childhood friend, an amazing artist, an amazing woman, an amazing songwriter, and an amazing human. Before I continue, the only way for you to “semi-fully” understand what I’m about to write about is for you to click play on her most recent song, 1600 Miles,and be amazed; don’t get mad at me when you start to ask yourself, “Why haven’t I heard about Kamilah Gibson before!”

A childhood friend – Kamilah & I attended middle-school / high-school together in the Bahamas. It was in her early stages of her music that I said to everybody, as I’m going to say to you now, (back then) she is the next Lauren Hill of our generation; now, she’s, Kamilah Gibson.

I didn’t mention yesterday when I shared the TuckerTuesday post why I missed last week’s New Music Wednesday on the blog – it was because we were changing real world locations and moving is a bitch; my apologies and thank you for coming back. This was the post that I was going to share last week when she released the track, but, I’m not mad about sharing it today because of another special event today, my mother’s birthday (Happy Birthday again mom; I know it’s only you reading my blog anyway icon smile Music Share: 1600 Miles by Kamilah Gibson ).

Now what does my mother birthday have to do with this track about Kamilah Gibson? When we were in high-school, Kamilah and I wrote a track dedicated to mothers, titled, “Much Thanks To My Mom”. If you have a CD of that song please email me to dwayne[at]dwaynetucker[dot]com and send me a copy; please. I’ve been wanting to listen to that track for awhile; next time I return to the island I have to dive deep into the old Compaq Desktop and see what I can find from the Cool Edit Pro files. (That’s how far she and I go back.)

Before you think that I’m blabbing way too much, please take a listen to the track 1600 Miles by Kamilah Gibson:

Okay, see, it’s not me just talking, the lady can frickin’ sing! She has superpowers I tell you. From the moment she open her mouth, the first word that come out while she’s singing, every time, I mean every frickin’ time, I’m hypnotized; I fall in love with her voice all over again.

I have the video on repeat as I write this entry with the biggest smile on my face yo; I’m so proud of my sister, and I’m excited for what’s to come for her. She is a creator of world class music; top-shelf music; classics.

Trust me, she is going to go far, it’s only a matter of content and time. (Mark these words.)

An amazing artist – Let’s see, hmmm, Piano, Guitar, Amazing Vocalist, Painter, other things that I’m sure I’m missing that she might surprise me with (but I wouldn’t be surprised at all because when she puts her mind to something, it happens.)…

I remember when Kamilah got her first guitar, she was super excited, she called me and said, “Dwayne I got a guitar and I’m going to learn how to really play this thing.”

About two days later, I visited her house, she’s playing as if the guitar came out of the womb with her in her hands; seriously though. To her it was just strumming a few cords, to me, I was like yeah she’s going to be extra dope. Another day went by; she’s singing and playing at the same damn time. Smh. She’s an amazing artist yo.

An amazing woman | An amazing songwriter – Gents, let us be real a second, any woman singing “love-notes” alike this…yeah…you know where I’m going with that. If you don’t then it’s, any woman singing “love-notes” to you like this is a frickin’ keeper; duh.

Dive deeper into the lyrics.

1600 Miles Lyrics by: Kamilah Gibson

I’m close to you in my dreams

I watch your chest rise and fall as you sleep

If I close my eyes tight enough I can hear you breathe

But when I wake up you’re nowhere near me

With these 1600 miles between us

1600 miles

And when all I want is you

These 1600 miles just won’t do

I get by on memories

Of your honey kiss and my shaky knees

How much I love you, baby, I cannot believe

But you’re not here, darlin’, you’re not here

And it’s killing me

With these 1600 miles between us

(There’s)1600 miles

And when all I want is you

These 1600 miles just won’t do

(Oh Cuz) Sleeping on your chest

is the best kind of sleep I ever get

I hear your heart and my body falls at ease

How much longer ‘til I touch you, baby please

It’s getting hard for me (with these)

1600 miles

1600 miles

And when all I want is you

These 1600 miles

Said when all I need is you

These 1600 miles

Said, when all I want is you

These 1600 miles just won’t do

They won’t do

They won’t do


An amazing human; this is years of friendship talking, connect with Kamilah on the following listed below to keep in-contact as she make every “mile” of her journey worth it.

Facebook: /KamilahMusic
Instagram: kamilahmusicx
Twitter: @Kamilah_Music_

(Kamilah, I’m super proud of you sis, keep on making that awesome music that you do. The world needs it.)

All love,

Twitter: DwayneTucker

“If you read this please like using the facebook button below so I know who’s reading; see you next week Wednesday for more new music! YACHTLIFE!”

January 27, 2015

10% Off Red Zoom & Dog On Board Canvas-Prints!

DwayneTucker Canvas Fab blog 10% Off Red Zoom & Dog On Board Canvas Prints!

Hey what up!

It’s another #TuckerTuesday and I’m feeling good; good enough to give a 10% off discount to readers around the world reading this post today.

Go to my store, and for the canvas above “Red Zoom” you get 10% off using the promo-code: tuckertuesdayred and for the canvas below “Dog On Board“, you get 10% off using the promo-code: tuckertuesdaydog.

And guess what, it gets better! The size show above is our 24×16 and below is the 20×10; it doesn’t matter what size you order you’ll receive the 10% discount. That’s right you can order a 60×30 and still receive the discount by using the code(s) provided.

Dog on board snap 10% Off Red Zoom & Dog On Board Canvas Prints!

My friends at Canvas Fab do an amazing job with our prints. I’m happy to be partnered with them to supply quality artwork for your room, office, etc. etc. etc.

I’m off to the studio to work on some new music so today’s post is short and sweet; come on it doesn’t get sweeter than at 10% discount from me icon smile 10% Off Red Zoom & Dog On Board Canvas Prints!

All love,

January 20, 2015

Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 3 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun


So it’s another TuckerTuesday!

(While reading over this post, I came back here to warn you that the introduction is very long and if you want to skip it please feel free to continue to the second paragraph.)

A bit excited coming into this blog post because its been over 15 weeks of consistently writing here to the blog. To some that won’t mean anything. However, some will relate to it and understand; cheers to you if you respect and support my effort striving to a better being. As you’ll learn from you music (if you decided to keep up with me on my adventure of life), I strive to better myself. A personal goal I wanted to cross out was getting three months of blogging dedicated to TuckerTuesdays under my belt. They say if you do something for three months it becomes natural; we’ll see.

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s a gift or curse. Striving  to be the best me and all. Reason I say that, is because sometimes I’m like why am I sitting down to this website writing these blog entries, trying to connect with people around the world…when I could be in the Bahamas, on a beach, just chilling, living comfortably until my expiration date…The answer is because everything worth having takes time, effort, a lot of effort – swimming through bullshit that life brings. It’s within my hopes of me continuing to share on the blog, that you will feel somewhat connected to the picture that I’m painting on the web, become supportive or at least respect that I’m sailing through life building “well being”.

Anyways, that intro got a little deep and more than I expected to write. As I’m aware that I could delete the words, I won’t because it was typing from the heart…

When I see others doing things from their heart, I recognize it. In this situation it’s YesJulz. I’m not going to sit here and write a bio on her though (click that link peep her site). I’ll leave that for you to hit Google and do your research if you don’t know who she is by now.

M forwarded me a Tweet Julz posted asking for young ambitious photographers in Miami to forward their work.

I sent over the link and was then invited to photograph as media for the event, “Recreation“.

We (two other “visual artist” and I) were asked to cover the event, being, “unique, abstract, outrageous, creative and diverse.”

I haven’t photographed in an environment alike in a while…but it was whatever, I’ve been shooting 8 years as a pro this year, I figured something would click if I stuck to PFTDT.’s (Photography For You by Dwayne Tucker) non-secret recipe / slogan, “We Have Fun.”

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 16 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

With that said, please follow me to the rest of the photographs that showcase my night at the Rec Room last Wednesday.

(Insert Dj scratch! Insert Dj scratch! Insert Dj scratch!)

Before I continue, the Rec Room is:

“Relaxed downstairs lounge at the Gale South Beach hotel with DJs, drinks & a retro ’70s look.”

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 4 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

I had to get this shot for you to see this place if you’ve never been before. It was my first night at the lounge. I’ve been in the hotel before and I had no idea this venue was there. I was photographing the place and thinking, “this would be a good place for me to have a private listening party for something that I’m working on in the music world….” Who knows, we’ll see what the future brings….

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 1 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

From the moment I walked in I was greeted with awesome vibes. To get my gear right, these superdope ladies let me get a shot from the left….

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 2 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

…and another from the right…I did those shots because there’s something about booty on the web that the people love.   So why not. Why the “surfboard” not.

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 5 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

Love was everywhere…

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 12 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

I mean everywhere…

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 6 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

If the “bad-vibe-bully” was around, it was invisible and defeated by all smiles and good energy….

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 7 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

Everybody was linkin up, having a good time…good vibes.

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 8 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

…and shaking what their momma gave them.

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 13 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

 “Hold up, is that that YesJulz girl from SnapChat?”

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 10 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 18 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

The messenger above says, “Yes, why yes it is the lady of the nights, YesJulz.”

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 11 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

Moments of her being there, she and “Bitch You Guessed It” OG MARCO, had the place lit.

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 9 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

These are the moments that I shoot for; showing, “We Have Fun.” Everybody was good-vibin’

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 17 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

It got wild and it was time to cool off…that was my first time seeing those fans in a venue; bless those.

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 15 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

..Bathrooms were dope…this lady was fun..good vibes she gave so I took a photo.

Rec Room Photo Large Blog 14 Rec Room On Wednesdays + YesJulz + We Have Fun

And to finish, here’s a photo of a girl receiving a text saying, “Cancel the Uber, I’m on my way for you.”  (At least that’s what the smile looks like…)

Again, it was an awesome time and I’m happy to share with you on the blog today. If I’m not mistaken, tomorrow the venue is open again for another awesome night so if you’re in Miami pass by.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

All love,


Twitter: @DwayneTucker

January 14, 2015

Music Video Review: Betty Who – All Of You

STDIRECT 1 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of You

Director Steven Taylor has been on my photographer radar for a couple of years now. That was made possible because the people who stay on my radar are the ones who are passionate about their work, they illustrate the quality in their work, and deliver ideas that inspire me to “hustle harder”. The select few holds the respect from me because they motivate /understand hard-work to captivate energy that worsk for them, allowing them to produce brilliantly, beautiful art.

Reading online within the past few days I saw Steven directed the music video “All of You – Betty Who“. I’m not surprised to see Steven as a music video director because he often work with musicians as the subject of his photography. I could sit here and make the list of people who he have worked with as long as this blog post would be, but you’re going to go to Google instead and look that up if you need credibility celebrity examples to continue your reading. 

When I see things like this – projects that excites me because of the thought behind / embedded within (early tip number one – put ample thought into your fucking projects), I often analyze / dissect the body of work because it works.  I’m blogging on a Wednesday because I couldn’t make my regular TuckerTuesday post yesterday; it was simply too late when I arrived from the airport to sit and write – when the body is exhausted there’s no holding it back. Anyways, I’m taking on a new challenge (tip number two, always challenge yourself because it keeps you “so fresh and so clean, clean.”) on Wednesdays I’ll be inviting more reviews of music and music videos to the blog.

Before we dive deeper into the post, here’s the music video:

All Of You – Betty Who

Shout-out to the stylist of the video, the clothing / accessories  was aesthetically please as it complimented the “visual-storyline”.  Here’s what I took from it – A girl and her boyfriend had a fight, she calls a friend (could be a secret lesbian love or a feminist follower from Twitter who she DM go the number and played bad ass girl to the rescue.), they payback by robbing (laugh at that please – “pay”back by “robbing”) the dude at his job as they rdde off into the sunset.

Things that stood out to me in the video, the mask the robber-badass-girl is wearing, the old school muscle car, the bat she used to rob the store (also making me side that she should leave the “bitch boy for getting robbed with a bat from a Miley Cyrus size human.”), SONY, the use of composition, what could be accidental symbolism, she don’t need the nuts (I’ll explain soon), and………I’ll touch on the mentioned before we close this post with the lyrics.

STDIRECT 2 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of YouAt 18 second in we see a SONY phone. I didn’t know that SONY made phones, but now I do. Maybe it’s product placement; could be, if it is…good shit..well done. Are feminist / people who been a break -up / “couple-fight” recently,  being sold products by SONY?

Moving on,

STDIRECT 3 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of You

I mentioned “accidental symbolism”, here at 24 seconds in we see two birds flying freely together. I saw that and listen to the lyrics, I’m thinking that’s all this lady wants to do, fly freely, escape with her lover. Side note, I told y’all I pay attention to signs etc. or whatever may be signs, I’m just thinking to myself as I write this, “yo, birds were on my last blog post…I just stopped myself from getting into some weird thoughts before 4:20, and y’all don’t need that so let’s get back to the script.

STDIRECT 4 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of You

STDIRECT 5 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of You

These two screenshots from the video could sum it up for me. The story would be, “The girl needs love, no matter who being girl or boy to escape with once she’s loved when the sunsets. Also, in this situation, like the last photo, she’s through a bag a nuts like, “hell with the nuts I don’t need those.” (Again, the guy is getting robbed from Miley’s lookalike cousin…with a bat….maybe she should have thrown those nuts between…………okay let’s move on shall we.

STDIRECT 6 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of You

I shouted out the stylist earlier, and I’m talking about the bat so let’s just bring this screenshot to light of how modernly-dope that ski-mask is…girl got style.

STDIRECT 7 Music Video Review: Betty Who   All Of YouBefore we move on to the lyrics, here again, another SONY product….as well as the muscle convertible…it was used in the past to show “male-strength” hence the name muscle (for strength)….just an observation….

Dope video Steven and I’m looking forward to the rest of what I’m sure is coming from this department. Keep up this kind of work and I’ll be contacting you to co-direct a music video for one of my tracks (someday after I land a tour that pays get off of it and I’m able to afford your time. Unless you have some spear time I want to make some history happen.)

All OF You – Betty Who’s Lyrics

“All Of You”

It’s a perfect day for a fight
Running after me in the pouring rain
Screaming: “Baby you were right
I need you, I need you”
Calling my name is a twisted game
Cause it wears me down till I love you more
Waking up to us making up makes it better than before

Ohhh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you
Ohhh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too
Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love
I want you to give me all of you

Get to know me, in your backseat
Drive me crazy, then you drive me home
The only place I wanna be
Is with you, is with you
Trying my luck when I work you off
Throwing all your clothes off the second floor
Waking up to us, making up makes it better than before

Ohhh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you
Ohhh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too
Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love
I want you to give me all of you

It’s a perfect day for a fight
Running after me in the pouring rain

Ohhh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you
Ohhh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too
Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love
I want you to give me all of you.

January 6, 2015

Birds Seen Flying Around…

Birds Flying Tucker Tuesday Birds Seen Flying Around...


The ocean is my favorite place to sit and think – second to the shower. It brings happiness to me.

Being around the water, in the water, on the water, drinking water, all is refreshing; for the mind+soul & body.

Before I get weird with the words, and lost into several topics that could be blog post of their own…let us fly in formation…keep on track.

When I snapped this photograph I couldn’t help to think of the lines from Cudi:

“Birds seen flying around, you never see them too long on the ground, you want to be one of them…you might hear the birds singing flying around, you never see them too long on the ground, you want to be one of them…” – Kid Cudi

Below are two screen shots from Rap Genius for you to explore those lyrics deeper.

Screen Shot 2015 01 06 at 10.47.02 AM Birds Seen Flying Around...

Screen Shot 2015 01 06 at 10.47.17 AM Birds Seen Flying Around...

I won’t do too much writing today. If you’re here on the blog for another one of my TuckerTuesday blog post, thank you for passing by again.

I want to you to stroll back up to the photograph of the birds, give five minutes  to yourself and just think…think if you were a bird, what would you do? Where would you be? After you’re done thinking about that, head over to my instagram or Twitter and answer the questions for me .

This is my first post of 2015, and like the birds flying freely, the thought of 2015 feels good.

Maybe it’s because I have two proposals out already. Maybe it’s because I’m excited about instrumentals that being built for me. Maybe it’s because I’m excited about photography projects that I assigned myself for the year….it feels fucking good.

This year, is a year that will challenge who ever I think I am as Dwayne Tucker / D. TUCKER….I don’t know why it feels so good, but it feels good.


I’m going to sign off now, and post this photo to my instagram- IG: dtuckerofficial

I’ll see you there and as always,

All Love,

December 30, 2014

Take Another Shot….

Take Another Shot Blog Take Another Shot....

…until that net goes “Swoosh!” 2015 is a couple days away, this will be my last blog post of 2014, before I extend this entry, Happy New Years to you and yours!

What a year, it seems like every year we say, “man this year went by fast!” Then, over ever social-networking platform we see people making new goals (which isn’t a bad thing), then the famous one about loosing weight after the holiday’s foods etc.

An encouragement for you moving into the new year is to set new goals every month; along with it, set milestones to cross out weekly (this is a strategy that works for me, hopefully for you).

It’s the best way making steps towards better living; if that’s what you wish for.

For me, this year coming, I plan to keep on the same path. Despite me not putting out a mixtape, an EP, or LP in the music world I’ve connected with some amazing people. I learned a lot this year, I’m much closer to developing the music of D. TUCKER the way I felt deep in my soul…hopefully this year will come with music videos, new music and follow up with some amazing shows like I had this year. I’m looking forward to it. All good vibes.

In the photography world, this year I’ve exercised my shooting here and there. I took on projects that I’ve never explored; learned a few things as well. Blessed is an understatement. I made that step to balance exploring the music world, and operating as a professional photographer. This was a dream come true. However, I lost my D 300’s this year, but I was able to work along with the D610, D810, D7000, and D4x all in one year….not too shabby for the way I move this hustle. I’m in a postion where I know how to cook what I want in that photography-pot, and that alone excites me to learn new things in the year to come…bring that bitch on.

In the Nautical world….man…we have some amazing shit dropping for you. I’m excited about it as well! Other that personal projects, we started to look for new partners to help move products. So if you have something nautical of the highest quality and you want to make some moves; hit me up for a meeting.

“In the Anchor We Trust.”

I’m hoping New Years fireworks will make me feel the New Year’s feelings but these past few Holidays it was not until the day of that I get into the spirt.

I have so much going on at 26 right it excites the shit out of me to think what’s to come.

But trust me, everyday I’m feeling like 4th quarter with an overtime on the way and every shot counts so the hustle will continue.

All love & Happy New Year,


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December 23, 2014

Merry TuckerTuesday!

Christmas 2014 DT blog Merry TuckerTuesday!



It’s safe to say that this Christmas doesn’t feel anything like Christmas should feel. The weather feels like summer (despite it’s always like summer in Miami and Bahamas); maybe it’s because too many of those fancy things in the back of the photograph are being made. – global warming. Maybe I’m too black and sexy-hot because of all of that heat from under my seasons-appropriate-photoshopped Santa-hat. – global warming.

Actually, it’s because I have way too much shit on my mental to deal with. Like bills and shit; like where I need to be in 2015 personally and professionally. I wish I was the age when I wasn’t aware of the tactics used to drive holiday sales – Christmas wrapping paper sales (with anchors on em? idea), sales of all Christmas gifts (all nautical) , Christmas music sales (maybe down this year for Mariah C.), Christmas lights sales etc. – global warming. But hey, people have a lot of shit on their mental to deal with as well; like bills and shit.

Thinking on it as I write, I wish I knew all of that when I was that age. Take me not back to the days of waiting up until 12 to open gifts then riding my new bike in the streets all day, but to the days where I’m fresh off of a tour and I’m able to fly my entire family to somewhere cold to sit around freshly chopped wood fire and enjoy each other’s company; without having to worry about stuff, you know, like bills and shit.

Things could be worst; so I’m thankful. Thankful of everybody whom this TuckerTuesday blog post connects with.

You may feel the same way about Christmas as I feel this year. If you do, let us not forget what’s important, the celebration of life, the gift of awesome friends and family (if you don’t you’re welcome as a part of the YACHTLIFE – La Familia).

With that said, I’m happy that Christmas isn’t on a Tuesday this year because there wouldn’t be this TuckerTuesday blog post. Here’s why, on Christmas, I’m going to make the A/C in my home so cold that it feels like it’s snowing, “light my Christmas tree”, we’re going to watch some Christmas movies on Netflix, drink (…It’s crazy that as I’m about to write Cocoa, that “I’m in love with the Coco track played in my mind just now – time to take that off of the radio) some Swiss Miss chocolate with the marshmallows, play Christmas vinyls as we eat, then don’t do shit for the rest of the day.

Hopefully the time will slow down so I don’t have to think about how fast time flew by this year. That photo above was last year around this time on set at the Champagne Music Video; it feels as if we were there yesterday.

On behalf of THE TUCKERS, Merry Christmas to you.

All Love, 

December 16, 2014

Observing With The Ear

D. TUCKER soundcloud Observing With The Ear Observing  With The Ear

(Photo from my SoundCloud seems appropriate.)


If you’re visiting this right when I post this because you saw it from my Twitter, or my Instagram you rock!

It’s late, I’m tired, buy earlier I promised via my Twitter, despite my heavy load of shit to take-care of today, I’ll sit down, and write to my friends here on the blog. I mean it’s 10 mins before 12 but it still counts.

So what’s up? How’s everybody doing? I hope you all are well and had a good day.

Every Tuesday I’m loving TuckerTuesdays more and more. Why? Because I get to share with you duhh….
Really though, it’s 2015 in the matter of days! How crazy is that. SO MANY things happend over the last year it’s pretty rad. Life is in fast forward, and I’m still trying to get a grip of things. Anyway, while I do that, for the ones who care, because I can’t write everybody all of the time, and I’m not on the phone as much as I once was….anddddd I’m meeting new people often, I figure you know what, for those who give two fucks, they can come here and keep in touch; here it’s “all love”. (Breathe)
On the post…“Observing With The Ear.”

I have a really bad habit. Because of this “really bad” habit, if one doesn’t know me over the past years, I may come across as somebody I’m not; I may appear to have too much of an “Ego”. No body loves too much of an ego…”not even me”

icon smile Observing  With The Ear

Before I continue into the point of this entry let me talk a little bit more about that please…. the “ego” thing.

If anybody tells you that you have a big “Ego”, and they arean’t pulling in the numbers that you want to be pulling in….then yeah….but hey if that mother fucker who’s doing those numbers tell you something…shut up, listen and take all of the advice that you can. Then decide what you want to do. Simple as that.

An example of my really bad habit is, if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and I know how it’s going to end, I unknowingly cut them off, and “bud-in”. (Once upon a time that was call having a conversation. – at least I think.)

If I’ve ever done that to you, I’m sorry. I don’t mean anything by it….seriously though; to the one who may do it to me, know that I’m not tripping. I know that you’re probably excited about whatever you’re talking about so you don’t have to worry about coming off as overly excited or whatever…

Why am I bringing this up?

Because I preach about being the “best you that you can be”.

I want to be the best me possible.

Not only with the camera in my hand, or when I’m in the studio, but in life in general.

I know that you can’t please everybody, but, it’s only respectful to listen harder when in a conversation.

Something I’ll be working on is listening more – observing with ear. It only makes sense.

A teach years ago told me, “the secret to me being Dwayne is to observe keenly.”

At the time when the teacher told me that, I was like what in the hell is this person saying!

As time went by, mainly in the highs of my early photography adventure, I quickly learned what they meant. (That should be another blog entry.)

Now for music, for being a respectful person, to better connect with ones soul…I practicing better observation with the ear.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh what if I’m like that and I need to practice better listening myself.” Chances are you need to work on it as well.

Anyway, I really want to listen to these new beats that I have and try to work on some lyrics tonight because tomorrow is another really long day. But I’m hoping that it will go by as fast as this one because Thursday I get to check out a new studio and I’m pretty excited about it.

Sleep well.

All Love,



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December 9, 2014

Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.

Tucker Tuesday Dec 9 Blog Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.




What a week! Crazy traffic in the city, artist on every street conner, SouthBeach, MidTown, and Wynwood looked like Artwalk on crack, just an amazing time in the city for Art Basel Miami 2014. If you’re an artist randomly on my website because we spoke about creating portraits for you / photographing  your artwork, please feel free to contact me so we can arrange a time to discuss your needs / schedule an appointment for you.  Cheers to all of you who made Basel happen!
Old Man and the Sea Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.

The photograph above and the one below were both taken with my iPhone camera; if I had my camera with me, there’s no way that I would have experienced the events like I wanted to this year – I’d be running around as usually like an overly excited kid with a camera. I went for inspiration and inspiration I received. – So yeah excuse the photos’ semi-shitty quality.

The bottom photograph of the Pig, I don’t know who the artist is, I caught the photograph right before the rain came down.

It was my second favorite sighting, if you know the name of the artist please share with me.

The photograph above however was my favorite piece of Artwork at ArtBasel 2014 titled, Old Man and the Sea. Maybe it’s because it’s the National Fish of The Bahamas, maybe it’s because the fisherman is rockin’ the same hat that I wore for the first half of the year, it’s because it’s nautical; that’s why, simply because it’s nautical and fricking amazing!

The artist, also a friend of mine, Ivan Roque, was present at the LMNT showcase. When I ran into him I had already taken the photograph of the piece, before we exchanged any words, I took out my phone, showed him the above photograph and I’ll say it here again, “F**king amazing Ivan; f**king amazing!”

Pigs alla bout the money Tucker Tuesday After Art Basel.

Before I get on with the rest of this TuckerTuesday, I’ll be writing to random interesting people on Twitter, connect with me there, my Twitter is http://Twitter.com/DwayneTucker, commenting on some photographs on IG (dtuckerofficial) and browsing the web for what I hope will be lucrative inspiration.

Have an awesome week!

All love,

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December 2, 2014

Control Your Mind. – Don’t just be a puppet on a string.

Focus On The Good D. TUCKER blog Control Your Mind.   Dont just be a puppet on a string.



My shortest entry is quick reminder to focus on the things that are important / the good(s).

Turn your back on everything negative as you train your mind to do amazing shit.

Enjoy your Tuesday.




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