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September 30, 2015

How To Win A Free FujiFilm Mini Instax 8!

Win A Free Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Let’s start off with a Happy #TuckerTuesday!

It’s a rainy evening here in Miami, I’m sitting at the window watching people run through the streets with umbrellas to their cars. This South Florida weather is wild I tell you!

I’ve never read a blog where the writer asked the reader, “How was your day?”, I try to be different, this website is growing and I plan to remain human over the times, so tell me, how was your day? More than that, tell me about what are you shooting, tell me about what you’re being creative at.

Now, I’m excited about the above! If you’re finding this link at random, welcome, I’m D. TUCKER. I balance being a Professional Photographer and an Alternative Hip-Hop recording artist.
Yesterday on my SoundCloud I released my latest track, Northern Lights. To celebration, also to help me spread the word about the release, I decided to give back to those who choose to support me by giving away two FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Camera!

I’ll be giving the cameras away to random winners on October 29th, 2015 and I’ll announce live on my SnapChat: dtucker305 

It feels beyond awesome to be balancing operation as a Photographer & Musician. Very tiring, and I have to work 10x as hard as the people in postions that I want to be in until I get there. I imagine then the work becomes more. I’m ready for it.

I chose to give-a-way the camera because I love to motivate people to have fun, because with my music, my photography, the number one rule is to have fun.

“We Have Fun” (YACHT)


It’s simple to enter, here’s how:

1. Follow: @DwayneTucker on Instagram or Twitter.

2. Download Northern Lights and take a screen shot of the downloaded track.

3. Upload the screenshot to Instagram or Twitter (both to increase your chances of winning; hint hint) and tag me in it.

It’s that simple!

I hope you enjoy the track.

It’s not required but to increase chances more to win, leave a comment of your positive thoughts at the SoundCloud commentary section!

Thanks all for now – Listen Here:

All love,

September 11, 2015

Memories And Memory Cards.

Delkin Devices

We’re eleven days into September. My extended sympathy goes out to the families lost in 911’s tragedy. I know I’m not the only one thinking about how fast 2015 flew by. It’s wild to think in three months it will be 2016. Class of 2006 people what’s up! I’m proud of the kids from my graduation class. All of us are doing some pretty amazing shit, and that’s the way it was meant to be.

I’ve never been consistent with this blog. But because of this blog I continue to meet amazing people around the world so time to time I check to see who’s reading; I appreciate your visits. Y’all are dope.

My respect goes to the people I see on the Internet who keeps inspiring to inspire the next. As creatives we’re all in this hustle together. Something like that.

For now, please keep connected via my Twitter or my feed through my Instagram.

I’ll pass back to this blog over the weeks to update what’s going on with my new Print Department, to share images from the summer, and tell you guys about everything exciting that’s been happing.

The image above, I want to say thanks to Delkin Devices for making amazing memory cards, and thanks for my shades that’s love! If you’re reading this and you’re interested in buying cards, I have them at our store in Miami, Florida so please contact me.

As I wrote this despite me being a Nikon Guy I just sold another Canon 6D to somebody who learned about me from this blog. Bless y’all! Listen before I go, Canon, Nikon, Sony, whatever you’re shooting, your iPhone, like the image above, I don’t care just keep the love for photography alive. #NikonGang tag on Instagram and I’ll be checking your images.



June 30, 2015

Polaroids Are Back!

Instax_Camera_Dwayne Tucker_BLOG

Being that the Bahamas’s independence day is coming up (July 10th), I thought it would be cool to get a few of these Fujifilm Instax in the flag’s colors.

It’s amazing to see the love of “quick film” coming back.

We have them for sale, contact me if interested.

Happy #TuckerTuesday

Until next time,

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June 25, 2015

A lil hello.


Gang what’s up? Look at me treating this Thursday like TuckerTuesday; that’s because I miss writing you all. I’ve been hella busy. I know there are guys out there who are a lot more busy than I, and they manage to run their blogs like the human connection machines that they’re meant to be. Those guys also have a lot more paper in the pockets, and accounts than I do – so when I’m take these big breaks just know I’m trying to make ends meet and shit; see me in ten years. Or if this single that I’ll mention at the end post do some damage over the next few months we can shave a few years off of the ten. A lot of ups, and finally more ups than downs, but I’m prepared because life moves in circles you know.

That’s me in the stockroom at EA; in the photograph above. And while at it with a shameless plug, we have the cheapest rates for the best studio in Miami, all Profoto lights as well. Email me if you need that.

For those following (and you should be following as well) on Twitter and Instagram you saw that over the past few weeks I stopped posting as often. I’ll be sharing more with you over the next weeks to come.

Even now as I write this I have ten more mins online then off I go.

Most importantly though, for me to wrap this up, this summer I’m releasing new music and a new music video as well. Thanks all I’m going to say until next time.

All love to all,


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May 12, 2015

Big Boy #TuckerTuesday Toy! + I Always Feel Alive With Nikon

Farmvillie Yacht photographed by Photographer Dwayne Tucker

Far from a toy this beauty is.

NikonGang what’s what? I’ve been looking at your photographs on Instagram and I love.

IG Connect: dtuckerofficial

The water appeared calm, but the ocean is never still.

It was early. The fish weren’t biting, they were hungover. This is Miami. Perhaps too early for chum; this will sound dumb, but I believe the fishes were still drunk from the night before; this is Miami. “Better luck next time at brunch”, one fish said. We moved along.

(I can read this to you with a serious face. I hope you have a sense of reading humor.)

The water appeared calm; the ocean is never still. It was early (It is early. 2:30 a.m. I meet you again.) I stood as still as I could, camera in hand, we took the little boat, well, compared to this monster our 50′ seemed little. A few shots I took and this was the favorite photographed.

It was my second week out to sea. I’m no stranger to the water. However, I have great respect for the water. The ocean is huge. You are little; we are little; this yacht is little (not really).

Everything with time. That’s the thought when I think silently, “they say time is money.”

When I’m out there, these thoughts doesn’t matter. We are little on the ocean.

I felt free on the ocean. I always do.

Ocean or not. I always feel alive with a Nikon in hand; word to YACHTLIFE.

It’s late. I’m going to share this photograph on my Instagram; I’ll title it, “Follow The Light”.

On that note, good night; more photos to come; will be loaded to Instagram this week.

Follow me there and on my Twitter.

My Twitter is: @DwayneTucker

All love,

May 5, 2015

Drum Circle Photo, Updates + Happy #TuckerTuesday!

Drum Cricle May 2015 Photographed by Dwayne Tucker

I should be sleeping right now! Staying up hours like this, after a long ass day, a long ass evening, a long ass night, is loyalty to my commitment to the gang. This post will be shorter than the usual #TuckerTuesday post. It’s well after 2 a.m. I’m tired, and I have to be up again in a couple hours. With all the warm-up said, this type of tired feels so good; it’s a blessing!

I must give it to the guys that were here before me for the motivation. Guys like Scott Kelby, guys like Chase Jarvis, and alike (don’t stroke your egos you know who you are if you’re out there on the grind heavily). You know, the guys you ask yourself, “How / when the fuck do they sleep!” Seriously, it’s a strong commitment the “creative-hustle”.

To make life more challenging, the #NikonGang followers, and fans of my music who are tuning in (Follow SnapChat: dtucker305) see that I’m cooking up some stuff for the summer in the music department. – That’s another post but know that the tracks are akin the flames in this photo…hot AF!

Back to the photo – this was from Drum Circle Miami (May 2015).

Please share this link on your facebooks, and tag me in it please. I want to spread the reach so people who don’t know about Drum Circle will learn about it and participate / attend the good vibes, the love we share out there on full-moon nights in Miami. Also, the people who were at the Drum Circle might see themselves in some of my images. Thanks in advance for the share.

I’ll be posting at random on my instagram throughout the days.

Quick Update – In addition to all the awesome craziness going on, I’ll be blogging for! Follow their instagram as well – @electricavenue_superstore. Not only because they are my partners, and I work along with them, but I must say that the family of EA is a true blessing. I’m beyond excited about what’s on the agenda to interact / connect with the photography community / photographers in Miami. Our team is stronger than ever, and I’m super thankful to explode skills developed over the years while helping others explore their love for photography. Honestly, I can’t squeeze into this post how thankful I am to do some kickass shit for EA.

While on topic, congrats, again, to the winners of the EA gift-certificates from the #MIAPhotowalk April 2015.

Love to the photographers out there doing their thing in the city. Respect to y’all; respect to us.

To wrap this up, go ahead and follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you aren’t doing so already because they are the best ways to keep updated when I share the images etc.

My Twitter: @DwayneTucker

My Instagram: @dtuckerofficial 

Until next time.

All Love, 

April 28, 2015


#NikonGang what up! I’m serious about it; y’all thought “YACHT YACHT YACHT” got annoying, (well some did, I know; I peeped – now time to get mad because I’m going to grow the shit out of #NikonGang you non-Nikon shooter! (Still love somewhat though cause at least you are a shooter. – You’d think Nikon paid me to talk shit but they don’t; they should.)

I have a legit five mins to share this post before I head out because today’s schedule is worst than last week’s!

It’s going to be hella busy today. If you’re new welcome, if you haven’t seen part one of this post:


There’s the link. I hope you enjoy the rest of the images.



















Until next time. (P.S. This Friday on behalf of Electric Avenue I’ll be announcing winners!)

All Love,
D. TUCKER – Follow @DwayneTucker on Twitter and IG: dtuckerofficial

April 21, 2015

#MIAPhotowalk Photos Recap & More For You! – PART 1



What’s up Miami…and everyone else on the Internet! The rain in the city today made the day dragggg, and the workload followed. There’re so many more things to be done over the coming few weeks, but it could be worst so I’m thankful AF (photographers around the world will be weird like, “Thankful as auto-focus?”). Luckily, as of late I’m around cameras all day – Nikon, Canon (*we are an authorized dealer), Olympus, Leica, FujiFilm, SONY and I’m sure I’m missing a few Pentax etc. resulting to super late night post like this one on a #TuckerTuesday (by the way, just follow me to Instagram or Twitter to see when I randomly share stuff like this – or just check my blog all 604,800 seconds of the week.) Throughout the week, a number of those nights are spent in studio (music) / meetings getting ready for summer; then repeat the process.

Everybody who attended last week’s Photowalk in Miami (first of all, thank you all because you people were / are dope!) know why I get to be around cameras all day, and that’s because I announced my postion & new partnership with **Electric Avenue – Electronics Store Miami’ – Photography Department. When the opportunity approached I took it in a heartbeat; considering my obsession / love for photography, considering I went to school for Advertising Design, considering shopping at WholeFoods, and eating at the Truluck’s aint cheap. (that’s the part you laugh to yourself and say, “This “manual-focus” Tucker is too much!”.

The only other credible photography stores I knew of in Miami were, World Wide Photo (I think they’re not in operation anymore, either that or they moved from the Biscayne location.), Aperture Pro (primarily for renting), Wolf Camera (I think that’s the name, the one that used to be in Dadeland Mall), and Pitman Photo Supply (because in the past I bought some gear from them.) Part of my goal with the partnership is to help make known that Electric Avenue is located 259 E Flagler Street, and the current team / family that’s there / the meetings that we have to….look let me just say man it’s awesome.

Anyway, I saw Woo.Supreme of Instagram post about a Photowalk happening in Miami hosted by @brickell_living alongside a few other SouthFlorida photographers: @xynn.tii, @weownthecity, @jonjonvisuals and @woo.supreme. Prior to, it’s been a while that I’ve been on a Photowalk, my recommendation, if you love photography, next time there’s a Photowalk happening in your city, check it out; you’ll love it. The amazing thing about this one is that it was simply for the any-level photography lover. Didn’t matter what camera, etc. just if you loved photography. But it was also amazing to see so many DSLR users come out.

For the person reading who don’t know what a Photowalk is, to sum it up, you spend a part of your day walking, socializing, networking, meeting, some awesome people….because everybody who loves photography is pretty much awesome, our books.

Back on track, I wanted to find a way to contribute to this event, so I hit the homie Woo up after making possible with Electric Avenue to giveaway $100.00, $50.00 & $25.00 the first second and third winners – which we’ll choose and annonce on May 1st, 2015 (make sure you’re following @electricavenue_superstore on Instagram – also, I see a lot of photographs going to the #MIAPhotowalk hashtag which is awesome, but for reassurance @ / tag @electricavenue_superstore to reassure we see them; just a little suggestion para tu.) As announced, the winners will be choosen based upon interaction via Insta as well as from being judged by our in-house photographers.

Below is Part 1 of  photographs that I made on the Photowalk. I have more to share in Part 2 of next week’s post so check back next week’s #TuckerTuesday.

(Thanks to those people sending me shots that they took of me out there. If you continue to send I’ll share on my @dtuckerofficial Instagram.)



I was surprised by the 100+ people who showed up. Mad Love.

(Snapshot above was when I arrived to the meet-up point.)


(That’s M being M….in the beautiful-dope Beatles tee.)


(Anchors Everywhere On Everything! <3 )



(I wonder how many University of Miami students were out there…)



(Ima need to contact CanvasFab for a print asap!)



(V being awesome :) )


(Didn’t see much tripods but I’m happy he had his tripod and used it! – p.s. we have Manfrottos and Vanguards at the store…a few others as well.)


(Supporting the locals.)



(Need I say…Y_ _ _ _!)


(I’m ready to see these videos. Send to me!)














(This puppy is awesome!)










If you’re coming here from Insta…/where ever you’re migrating from, please share the link around.
I’ll see you next week for the follow up.

That’s all for now.
All Love and good night!

March 17, 2015

D. TUCKER Now Available on Spotify

D. TUCKER on Spotify

Last weekend a friend sent me a screen shot of the Still Pushing’ album on Spotify.

still pushing by d. tucker screen shot

Must say that, I found it pretty dope; despite me not liking the way they pay their artist. (Going off of what I read about Taylor Swift some time ago.) I’m not even sure if I’ve made money from Spotify in the past, but I’ll know / collect soon, in a few months approaching the half year mark when I get to check all of that data. Hopefully after reading this blog post you’ll stream the album several times, and I’d have enough coins left over for some coffee. (It be like that with these streaming services for musicians yo!)

Luckily ‘Still Pushing’ is up for sale on iTunes, and a few other digital-retail outlets. I’m sharing the Spotify link with you because I could careless about where you get my music, free or not, just once you come to a show someday, or purchase a shirt, a bracelet, a DVD (when it’s available because you better believe I’m going to make a movie someday – hopefully have it on Netflix), a poster, just some merch from me somewhere – ideally from my store; or book a photo-shoot session or something….yeah you get the idea. Overal, I just want everybody who know’s of me to rock with this project so that you can say, “I knew about D. TUCKER before he became “This” D. TUCKER.” My tracks before this album, like the ones from high-school doesn’t count either. I mean they do because it’s part of the process but this one is the one right before I got a full understanding of what I’m supposed to be doing with my music, how I can really bring value to people when they listen you know; my purpose as the musician D. TUCKER (other than just flowing on a beat…I only have one life to do this so I really put an effort into figuring out everything mentioned. It’s really levels to this / a process.)

On to what’s really important, it’s another TuckerTuesday!

For me to be able to write to you and say that feels good. Especially after mediating and plotting today’s task by the ocean. Thank God for life. In fact, thank God a little more for an amazing life and the ability to push towards an even better one.

I’m still pushing with these blog post hoping that soon enough some blod soul will start talking in the comments, and all creative minds that stumble post akin will trade thoughts in the comments. It’s cool the emails, and DMs that I get but don’t be afraid to write me here in the comments. It will give me something to read and feel better when I take breaks after dealing with some of the bullshit that happens to find me throughout the week.


I’m closing this post, you know what to do in the comments…also if you have the Twitter thing, @DwayneTucker Tweet me on Twitter.

Enjoy your day and if you stream the music throughout working or whatever you’re doing today, let me know which track you like the most. In the main time, I’m going to head over to VSCO and write my photography students. I’m in love with the community that VSCO developed because now everybody is a “photographer” thanks to iPhone / smart phones etc. but VSCO supplies tools for you to still make the photo the best that it can and that’s dope. Like a little Photoshop on the phone.

If you use VSCO as well that’s something you could share in the comments….only if you want me reviewing your photos and leaving feed back.

After that, it’s into the studio because I’m finishing an EP and a mixtape with a partner and I must say that this shit is a blessing man. I feel like me, I feel good, I feel blessed and yet still I still have a lot of pushing to do / a long way to go.

All love,

March 10, 2015

Shopjipsi Necklaces, Chokers, Bracelets, and More

It’s becoming more known that I am a man with ample love for quality products; often nautical when I’m the supplier. What excites me more than quality products themselves are the people behind the distribution, the people with the authentic hustling-spirt, the ones with the mission of serving you with love.

inblue esty shop book

For example, this sketchbook from in blue handmade that I’m using to draft the TuckerTuesday entry that you’re reading while I had a few hours to kill. (Obviously only in my possession because the anchor; YACHTLIFE what up!).

Over the times you saw my love for products with my appreciation for the Fadedxx hat that I often wear. (Follow me on snapchat: dtucker305 | Twitter: @DwayneTucker | Instagram: dtuckerofficial – and I’m sure you’ll see the hat that I’m talking about somewhere at some point.) You saw it with my YACHTLIFE Dockside Bracelets (I promise to bring a new collection to you – as soon as my past partners and I are back on the same page.) You see it with my photo-canvas at my online store…and if you didn’t see it / know that I am a man of the products, it’s my goal to make sure you know that this year…get excited.


At random weeks ago I followed @offlinebabe on Twitter for a few reasons other than her having a hot profile photo. I saw that she was active sharing products from her online store (shown above) / because she had an online store, and her bio shared two common intrest, “art enthusiast | Miami…”. She’s the lady behind:

In addition to everything the law of attraction has to offer, the description of her website / the tag line of her website is, “All “handmade” with love.”

What caught my attention the most from her store are the knives – on the sidebar of her store click ‘Girl Gang’ and shop those knives; they’re absolutely beautiful and a win for her target audience! (At the end of the month when I spend my Google check I’ll be picking one up for MT.)

The knives stood-out to me the most because in my youth-days my friends (girls and boys) collected really cool knives. We spent our evenings and weekends on the boats so they came in handy for cutting rope / fishing lines / fuckboys etc.

I had a really sick Smith & Wesson knife that I kept on me at all times for protection, when I wondered into areas that I didn’t belong after hours photographing the night away…wild days.

When I returned from college years ago first semester, my knives disappeared. I’m 99.9% sure it was my mother who threw them out because she was never fond of them; that’s a different story.

Anyway, I’m about to wrap this up and get some free Tacos from Wood Tavern. The people who follow me in real life know that anytime I recommend a product it’s of quality, so you should know the same. With that said, head over to and show love.

Until next time,
All love,


(Follow & Tweet @DwayneTucker on Twitter!)

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