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To the few subscribers that are loyal to me as a friend, as a photographer, and as a musician (when I released music – I miss it; I’ll start releasing content hopefully much sooner than it took me to write to this blog again), the random person who clicked from Google, to the person who found my website from a contact card etc. perhaps searching my website to see my photography welcome / welcome back! It’s been a while; too darn long.

One thing that has not changed over the years is my internal alarm at 5:30 a.m.; I hopped up out the bed…my swag stays on…I took a look in the mirror and said what’s up…yeah…I’m living my dreams now….I’m living my dreams now.

Sitting here, slowly baking in the summer heat waves of Miami, 2017, thinking on what to share about life as a photographer then vs. now, I’m a little in awe knowing that I still have the camera in hand.

As a reader, I don’t expect you to fully feel this feeling I feel if you don’t know my story. 

A young teen I was, when point and shoot, digital cameras hit the market. I was fascinated about the ability of snapping a picture and see the photograph instantly on the screen. It was another camera we could use instead of our, Kodak camera film take the roll to an hour photo studio to develop norm.

That was the starting point of me loving to freeze a moment of time that could last forever.

Today as a photographer, I’m reflecting on the time that I started and thinking about how those digital cameras interrupted an era that I knew very little of back then. Yes I started shooting digital professionally before I started shooting film; this is the era I grew up in.

I’m talking about the era of the true photog-hustlers. The ones who would buy a roll of film, load the roll of film, set the ISO (International Standard Organization), better known in those days as ASA (American Standard Association), mix a great f-stop and shutter speed with the understanding of photography fundamentals and make a beautiful photograph. Then to the dark-room to develop the image before the printers…..what a process.

Now-a-days, the market it is all kinds of f**ked up because a few million people are able to put their hand in their pocket, take out a camera phone, snap and share via social platforms with followings that make you appear as “a photographer”, just the way it is.

It is what it is though. And it is what it is because if you have the soul of a true photographer your images will speak the words they need to.

One thing I can say about then, and now is that the photographers akin myself whom discovered the passion, learned the fundamentals, the ones who are gifted with an eye to see something that millions of others won’t see, and freeze the way we do; the ones who are able to compose, and let a photograph perfectly speak its thousand words from hours of sharpening shooting skills.

So here I am years later still shooting and killing it.

So so so so much has happened since then, I hope to share some other way through my journey and the ones who stuck with me know exactly what I’m talking about….so many great opportunities….just overwhelming sh*t.

But to sum up on all those details…months back I started to shoot my personal images in mostly Black & White and leave the color stuff for clients….I haven’t cut out color photographs completely but for now it’s the black and white I’ve been exploring and below I wanted to share some images from a New York trip where I hit the streets and had that feeling of when I first fell in love with photography.

Until next time.

All Love,

Dwayne Tucker

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Written by Dwayne D.C.Tucker II
Photographer & Musician