I love when the sun is setting; that late afternoon light of a New York summer stroll is magical to me. It excites me to have my camera shutter ready. Simply amazed by the amount of Halal Food Trucks I walked by. In motion, blending in like fast walking New Yorkers. I’m fast walker. Not too fast for a quick stop to compose / frame  and capture this photo. I love creating photographs like this because it keeps the eye tuned for identifying what could be a great photo. This isn’t the greatest photo but it’s a memory that will last forever and that’s great enough.

Captured on a late night train ride in NYC. This photograph is nothing more than perfect timing. I sat in the seat across. It should feel weird holding my D800 in people faces but at this point I’m over it. However, in situations alike this one I would prefer a smaller, discreet camera. It will make my subjects feel a little more comfortable. When shooting street photographs alike this one you have to keep fear out of your soul and find the image; this moment will never happen again. Your moment will never happen again, do what you have to to get the image.

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_3

Photographs in this entry are from an invitation to photograph for YesJulz at the RecRoom in Miami, Florida. Enjoy the photographs. 

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