Reflecting, and meditating on manifestation.

I’ve been shooting for a while now. Lucky breaks have been granted to me, rewarding the dedication to dreams. I am a strong believer in manifestation. Alike in golf, in the real world, it is a must to imagine your shots. That sentence could be expanded into an entire book. I wanted to share these words of truth with the person stumbling upon these writings.

Today I had in my schedule to be in another location photographing another golf project but that is not the case. Maturity helped me to deal with outcomes alike this current situation.

Last night knowing I’d have free time available today, I took a nostalgic travel through a few folders that contained images from the start of my journey to provide the golf industry with photographs. A long with imagining the shot, you must put time in practicing so you make a good shot when giving the opportunity you imagine.

It is NOT easy for me to photograph golfers on the golf course, at all. However, like anything you want to get good at, you practice. This image that I’m sharing with you is from a little practice session at Indian Creek Golf Course in Miami, FL. Fast forward to 2020 and my DM and email inbox have top world class players asking me to photograph them. That in its own is a blessing. Two months ago, I wrapped up a commercial campaign for a golf lifestyle brand. That in its own is a blessing. For as long as I’ve been shooting and producing my images, I still practice and manifest the things that I would like to accomplish. I do these things because I truly believe in my talent, I know it is a must to really put the hustle, because honestly, I believe that I am here to do something amazing with my photographs in my lifetime. Or something like that.

Back to the photo, using what I had and not the gear I really wanted to shoot with back then, I was using my Nikon D800, and the 300mm F2.8 lens for this shot. I know better than using that studio body for these fast swings, but it is all that I had access to so I used it; whatever. But still was able to make a decent shot…decent enough for me to use to share with you the reminder of imagining your shot / manifesting, and to go for all of your goals. Make that shit happen. I am working on mine.