July 10, 2013

In Response To Collin McLoughin’s Letter


Thank you for sharing the open letter you wrote to your fans and thank you to FreshNewTracks.com for the RT of it.

I’ve heard your name before via the blogs, skipped over a few tracks FNT shared in the past, but I’ve never been a true fan until I read and felt the passion your letter evokes.

I relate to several parts of the letter (dude you were in a band named Nautical Young, that’s dope; our movement is called YACHTLIFE and it’s the acronym for “Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standards. Talented. Lifestyle.”) but the quote that stood-out the most was, “Aspring to do something is one thing, but actually carrying out and working to achieve that dream is quite another.”

From my last single Not Superman (watch the music video here), the hook is, “I don’t know, if I’m going to be, everything at all, but I’m GOING TO GIVE IT MY ALL….”

It’s because of the struggle and success of my past profession as a professional photographer that I’m able to put as much faith into another passion of mine. I understand the dedication of hard-work / “carrying out and working to achieve”.

I’m approaching my second year as well of solid work developing myself as an alternative hip-hop recording artist.

If felt good to read the letter from you and to identify a similar hustle toward doing what one loves.

I’m sharing this response letter / reply letter via my blog with hopes that somebody else will take that quote and make the best of it as well.

You got a new fan Collin!

(p.s. never mind that photo of me up top, that’s me holding the printed artwork of my singles Not Superman, Her Tattoos and the front and back covers for my recent EP Portfolio Day – I needed an image to share along with this letter that represented the quote so I took my camera out and made the self portrait.)





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