January 20, 2015

Photography For YesJulz: Capturing A Wednesday Night At RecRoom

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_3

Photographs in this entry are from an invitation to photograph for YesJulz at the RecRoom in Miami, Florida. Enjoy the photographs. 



Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_16


Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_4

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_1

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_2

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_5

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_12

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_6

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_7

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_8

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_13

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_10

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_18

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_11

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_9

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_17

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_15

Rec Room_Photo_Large_Blog_14

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