June 14, 2013


Miami Florida's Alternative Hip-Hop Artist D. TUCKER(Photography by Christopher Almeida)

Hello reader,

I’m a blessed man and I’m utterly thankful. Today I share with you my debut EP, Portfolio Day, and the music video for the track/single, Not Superman, featured on the EP.

Portfolio Day by D. TUCKER front cover artwork.(Artwork’s Front-Cover – Photography by Ace Noguera)

When I decided it was time to start recording Portfolio Day, I paid close attention to the growth of my composition/flow (delivery) structure, sound (its style and quality), and the way I ink the lifestyle-stories/messages of the tracks.

Artwork for Portfolio Day by D. TUCKER(Artwork’s Back-Cover – Photography by Ace Noguera)

Musically, I both polished and expanded my approach, retaining a majestic, uplifting sound on, “Her Tattoos“, an exploration of stereotyping while I used “Rock” elements as the introduction to my “live-show” sound, “Red Dress“, a song showcasing, “the typical club lady”, “Music Like Drugs” the observation of medicine and music (love in the music is all we need), “Amplified“, a treat to those whom work hard and play hard to get amplified to, “Not Superman“, designed to motivate/inspire, “Live Laugh Love“, spreading positive vibes in a new sound for the “TUCKER sound-bank“, and “Champagne“, a bonus track for you.

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A special thanks to the director+editor of the Not SuperMan’s music-video, Carlos Dominicis, the Not Superman’s music-video editor Nelson Hernandez, to Portfolio Day’s Photographers, Ace Noguera and Christopher Almeida, to the producers: Maurice Bastian a.k.a. Maur-Bass, Sketch CareySinima BeatsI Am KBeatZ, to the engineer Barney Chamorro for mixing and mastering, to Sketch Carey for recording, to Patrick Lestrange a.k.a. SUBPAT for helping design Her Tattoos’, to Chanda Mbao -bonus track Champagne in which I’m featured on, to everybody behind the sense that privately contributed to project, and most importantly, to you the listener; thank you.

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