Amplified by D. Tucker (Single)

Amplified by D. Tucker, is a single from Tucker’s JR mixtape, Raising The Bar, due for release late 2012. The track takes the listener through a faded-condo-party with D. Tucker. In the third verse Producer Maur-Bass | YACHTLIFE, portrays pure talent with a surprise within the instrumental as D. Tucker flows through the remainder of track amplified. This is the perfect song for you to ride out to, pre-game to, party to, and most importantly, “Get Amplified / Turned Up” to. Take a listen below, share it with a friend, download it, post it to Twitter, post it to Facebook, Instagram the artwork, blog about it, put it in a status, call your grand father and tell him about the track but most important, enjoy.

Click For Amplified’s Lyrics

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